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2017 IPMS Sweden Nationals (part 3)

April 8, 2017 · in Show Reports · · 13 · 6.8K
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  2. 2017 IPMS Sweden Nationals (part 2)
  3. 2017 IPMS Sweden Nationals (part 3)

Just got back home from a day at the Swedish IPMS Nationals. This part 3 contains a notable display of new airfix kits, which formed a special theme class in the competition. It makes one reflect just how much the new Airfix is influencing our hobby these days!

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  1. Jaw-dropping workmanship...thanks for sharing your photos, Martin.

  2. This is so nice; I think we are always hungry to see how others perform, especially nationalities and venues other than our own...thank you so much for posting these...

  3. The flanker is really impressive! I've got a thing for Russian jets though! Some amazing armor there as well, thanks for posting.

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    said on April 9, 2017

    Thanks again for showing Martin.

  5. It really is amazing how Airfix has come back. A lot of nice stuff in the AFV section.

  6. Well, what's not to like!?!

  7. Martin, thanks for posting these, some really talented folks displaying their work.

  8. Thanks for posting photos of these excellent builds. The Me-262 and the B-17 really caught my eye... But so did a lot of others too !

  9. Some really talented people there Martin.
    Thanks for posting the pics.
    Inspiration for us all.

  10. One, the photography is out standing. I know when going to shows you can sensory over load. What with all the people and the models bunched together. With these photos of individual set pieces or models one can focus on looking at the eye candy with out distraction. Some really strong work in this show. Thank you Martin for taking the time to show your photos and going to show and spreading the good word.

    • Thanks, Steve. Actually the photos were made with an ordinary iPhone of default camera settings (flash LED turned off), and I was surprised how good they turned out. Just remembered to keep the phone "perspective" low and get the phone close to the subject. Surely not the last time for me!

  11. A B-17 in 1:32 - you are kidding me! So many excellent built models...the Me-262 is my fav! Thanks for sharing!

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