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Moson Model Show 2017 – Part 2 (1/48 and 1/32 aircraft, contd.)

April 22, 2017 · in Show Reports · · 14 · 12.8K
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Here's the second gallery of the 1/48 and 1/32 scale aircraft models from the 2017 .

Feel free to comment on and discuss your favorites.

Don't forget to check back at iModeler for other forthcoming parts of this coverage from the 2017 Moson Model Show. If your are new to iModeler, feel free to register and add your own comment to this gallery.
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14 responses

  1. That's a good selection of jets!
    I really like the camo scheme on the Viggen! The big Harrier is really cool also, I'm working on my one right now!

    • Yes, painting this type of Swedish camo used to be something of a masking nightmare, fortunately I understand that there are now pre-cut masks available for the Special Hobby / Tarangus kit. In any way, the result looks spectacular IMHO.

  2. In a word: Stunning! How winners are selected from these entries is beyond ME...!

  3. So many awesome builds, thank you for sharing! A lot of inspiration, the Sabre on the last photos is great!

  4. Profile Photo
    said on April 23, 2017

    Top class work on display.

  5. Great looking Viggen (and the rest!).

  6. Thanks all, glad that you're enjoying the pics!

  7. Martin, thanks for posting all these marvelous pictures! Outstanding models in all the installments. Quite an assemblage of talent.

  8. Thanks for an excellent review. I had a problem though: I fell for the Magister big time but then saw the F-100 & then the Viggen & then the Draken & then the... Oh heck, they are all superb. I certainly don't envy the judges. all the models deserve an award! (and the Israeli Phantom too!). A wonderful report Martin; thanks again.

    • That Israeli Phantom was a big dissapointment... It looked nice from 1 meter, but from close look it was one big big disaster... (terribly dirty surface, canopy scratched like hell, dissapearing panel lines... this is just what I remember)

      I could not believe, when that guy got a prize... sorry, but I must say judge forgot the brain somewhere in the pub this year...

      However, many people deserved the prize - so do not take it personally. I just made a conclusion, what should I bring next year to get the prize ... I definitely will not bring some models, because they don't know how to judge them.

    • Yeah, Tony. Like a kid in a candy shop! Dashing from one thing to the next!

  9. Martin, good from afar, but far from good?

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