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Abandoned Komet

May 28, 2017 · in Diorama · · 15 · 1.8K

While I DID put up the pictures of the finished , the diorama was not complete,needed a few touches. Primarily a figure to tie it up. I found a beautiful ReedOak figure and i made some adjustments on the base and the position of the Komet.
Now I`m finally calling it done as this was in my head for more then 10 years.

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  1. Beautiful work Matija, especially the GI figure. Hats off to you sir.

  2. Forgot to write,it`s 72 scale, Komet and the Jeep are Academy

  3. Nice presentation, sir...well done.

  4. Very nice, Well done!

  5. Great detailing - a brilliant subject that stimulates the imagination and in 72nd scale this is really impressive, assumed it was 1/48!

  6. Thanks for the coments 🙂
    One note on the Jeep,it was modified to represent the armored versions so I made a few alterations(armor,removed part of the passenger seat and added the mount for the(absent) seatbelt).
    The GI has the duty of marking potentialy dangerous equpment

  7. Matija, I thought it was 48th, too! Nice idea on the armored jeep, not something much seen. Used for scouting/recce, out in front. The Komet, due to its really tricky fuel, was noted for just blowing up, all by itself. Of course, we found that out postwar.

  8. Like the old Air Force song, "Will you go Boom! Today" sung to the tune of "Tra La La Boom de ay"!

  9. Like this build especially the dio and the 1/72 jeep and that figure Wow I have built some 1/72 armour,your build is fantastic all round great work.

  10. Very nice job Matija . Like everyone else, I thought this was a 1/48 scale build... I like it.

  11. Nicely presented Matija, well done.

  12. Great build and dio.!

  13. VERY nice, Matija! I too thought it was much larger than it is.

  14. Thank you for the coments,much apreciated and I'm glad you all like it

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