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1/10 scale Figure

June 12, 2017 · in Figures · · 12 Comments

I've got to thank all the fine modelers who have posted articles it has inspired me to finish this project,It is a subject that has always fascinated me I have a book on the Weapons of the Waffen SS and this soldier is on the front cover in the Ardennes 1944,and I have photos of him in other ww2 books I have. So when I saw a kit was available I bought one,but big mistake bought it on line out of China and when it came was a great disappointment I'm sure it was a knock off,of the real kit,lot did not fit well and a lot of small parts were broken,it was supposed to be a Miniatures kit it just came in a plastic bag and no instructions,so I soldiered on with the help of on line pics and made the best of it,I know I'm not a figure artist but the guy seems to have a powerful image,would not like to meet in a dark alley,I read he is carrying a 9mm browning GP35,and that Mg42 Wow,it's been called a buzz- saw because of the noise it makes and fires about 1200 rounds a minute,sure would not like to be on the wrong end of that thing,seen some great scenes of it in action on YouTube.Thanks for the inspiration.

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12 responses

  1. Looks pretty nice to ME, despite any "shortcomings" tell me, Jim - just how tall IS that 1/10th scale figure anyway?

  2. Looks great, Jim! It may have been a "knock off" but your work on it certainly isn't!

  3. Thanks Jeffry glad you like it.

  4. Great effort, Jim. Your experience with Far East resin miniatures re packaging isn't unusual. I've seen them in bags and loose in boxes, too. Many offerings are from 'cottage industry' suppliers so service is a little unpredictable.

  5. Yes thanks Rob your are right,I must say for all the time I have been buying on line this was the first time,alarm bells should have warned me the price was reasonable,much cheaper than it should have been,I had one dealer who sent the wrong model,I told them and they said I could keep wrong model and they gave me a full refund as well.Also you did say resin,the truth is I do not know what this was made of because I could not get any glue to hold the parts,ended up using builders glue(liquid nails) well all adds to the experience.Thanks

  6. Yes nice work Jim your input has made the difference

  7. I you do figures very well! came out great. I think the US M60 was based on the 42, they slowed the rate of fire for some reason.

  8. That is unusual, ,never read that about the Mg42 being faster rate of fire, The Germans did tend to over build things like their Tanks .the figure work may come down to all the time at the beach watching figures,All in the name of my model building,man has to do what a man has to do!Thanks Rob.

  9. Jim. I really like the facial expression and skin tone on this. Armed to the teeth! Despite his age, whatever that was, probably a hardbitten Landser, like the individual in the photo.

  10. Yes I do think he was a very Hardened soldier,these SS guys took no prisoners not a nice type,at a guess I don't think he was that old,when I researched him someone had found a small video of him with just some clips of him,they also did not know if he survived the war,he sure was armed to the teeth,don't think he wanted to be taken alive.Think he epitomizes the hardship of war and all its evil.Thanks Bernard.

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