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Sopwith Camel F.1

July 3, 2017 · in Aviation · · 26 · 2.9K

A new project, and unusually for me these days - an aircraft, in this case a 1:16 Sopwith from Model Airways.

The model is wood and cast metal, with other sections of brass as well. As can be seen from the large plans it's a sizeable project, and because of the size and relative complexity I thought I'd post occasional brief updates to avoid overly long WiP posts elsewhere.

The all-metal Clerget engine weighs 80g! The only addition I've made is 0.080 steel wire for the ignition wiring between the spark plugs and ignition ring. Paints used are Alclad II and AK Interactive Extreme Metals range.

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  1. So it's a "skeletonized" version, huh...? Looks almost as daunting as those sailing ships with the multitude of rigging. At least the [larger] scale should make it a LITTLE easier I would think. Looking forward to the progress on this one, Rob.

  2. How big i this going to be when its all done? I'll look forward to seeing it take shape. Real modeling! Agree with Craig, like ship modeling. Even rigging!

  3. Wow!
    Only premium "noble" materials, no plastic, this doesn't look like an easy model...

  4. Hats off to you sir. It'll make a fine instructional tool on how these craft were constructed.

  5. Masterful Rob,this is a major undertaking,will look forward to the up dates,can I ask what glue you use to glue this together(metal/wood)and will you have to park the car outside when it's finished,Thanks.

  6. I have the Albatross D-V they make. It's a super detailed model too and I have started on the Mercedes engine. I have heard that it's best to stain the wood before you glue it with CA glue. Otherwise if you don't and you decide to stain the wood to give it a certain look, then the stain will not take effect as it should. The areas that were previously glued with CA will remain a lighter shade and not accept the stain. Hope this helps you with your build. They have the coolest instructions. Very detailed. I'll send you a PM.

  7. WoW! That is some piece of work!
    Rob, you've committed yourself to a big project, but It looks like your beginning pictures put you in a difficult proposition, but you seem to have things well at hand. I have dreamed of doing something just like this but I'm not at the level of skill required.
    Keep us informed, please - with LOTS of pictures!

    • PS - I forgot to ask; what does the woodworking require? Cut-outs marked, paper shapes to cut out by hand?
      Thanks ahead of time!

      • The wing ribs are laser cut sections and have to be joined with other timber pieces, I think built up directly on top the plans. When I get to that area I'll add a few photos to show the set up.

        Re skill required, I've built both WW1 models and ship models and while there are similarities in skill sets, this is different still, and I'm just doing a bit at a time (with a lot of head-scratching in between!).

  8. I also have the Albatross D-V and it seems like a great model except for the white metal struts. I here they deform under the weight of the model.

    • They have a series of these, including the Wright Flyer. Just from a quick perusal I think I'll have to make a few modifications anyway, perhaps in the rigging at least, and the wicker seat is just a lump of white metal, so that will be scratched.

  9. I was confused at first, I saw Camel F.1, my first thoughts were of the Lotus F1 cars sponsored by Camel tobacco in bright yellow. However, on closer inspection, I see what you're building! I would think your HMS Victory build will put in good stead for this. Looking forward to watching your progress as ever.

  10. I believe your model will look like one of these when finished:ms-android-samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=hR2ww0wTMEBIjM:

  11. Looks like a very interesting project, and I'm sure in your hands will end up a beautiful build. Are you planning on skinning it or leaving it as ribs?

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