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Antonov-8 (An-8) 1/72 Amodel

August 7, 2017 · in Aviation · · 23 Comments

Greetings to all!
I want to show my last work. Something under the influence of such a rainy summer I was struck by the winter theme )). Decided to land your somewhere in the winter. Cold, drove UMP-350, let it warm up plane before the flight. I took the photos on different days, catching the right light. Therefore, there is a "Sunny day", there are "cloudy". The reference was to the side of the Soviet Union-69334. Like it or not - judge for yourself. So, about work.

The whole structure located on the site of the finishing piece "sandwich" is left over from the repair of Windows. The surface topography was created using texture paste ZIP 14101. To simulate snow bought and tried out the "cat" is three part: powder ZIP 69090, pigment MIG 3016 liquid and "snow" Wilder SN 01. Won last, because it gives the most natural snow cover. I just rubbed the brush portions of the surface. Hardens and becomes solid. They also did the snow on the car. The terrain of the site tried to make had the impression of the field cleared with a grader. Turned or not, to judge you. It seems to me like a "hit".

Refinement of the model.
Usual for quality runners and stykovka, nothing new. Added and changed the following:

  1. Replaced node landing screws. For ease of rotation they are planted in the brass axis, inserted into a brass tube. From the engine to the axle soldered the cap to the axle jumped (see photo).
  2. Planted on the axis and rotate all the wheels.
  3. Turned from colorless and red Plexiglas, respectively, the lower and upper beacons.
  4. Machined from a copper wire top antenna instead of regular plastic. The thread of the antenna from the bow.
  5. In the set not found details aft (although were supposed to be). Had from amoxilina lapis yourself.
  6. Added wherever necessary steketee statics of the pile tooth schetki melting tips.
  7. Tube Mat - toasted tube from the antenna to the radio.
  8. Landing light - filled transparent epoxy deepening.
  9. Added 22 blue yellow front of the fire. Also the epoxy. On the aircraft structure 24, but 2 I have not found where they are. If someone tell me I would be grateful.
  10. Added "gills" on the wing tips.
  11. The cylinders of landing gear - foil adhesive.

Primer and paint - etched cylinders KUDO. Gray and dark blue color namesever on the eyes. The joints were isolated by preshading and washes. A wash was applied 3 shades of light gray, gray and black, depending on the placement. The higher the brighter. Tamiya Lacquer. Decals developed and printed myself. In addition to the white label on the wing (they are ordered). Technicals partially Braz from a set of partially added your.

It was made from scratch, focusing on a few photos. It turned out to be the An-8 is fairly complex design. Collected from sprue and wire (see photo). Especially for him I had to carve the sprue of three wheels. Clings to the wheel fork swivel. The dimensions of the elements of the carrier oriented at the pictures where not exactly hit the size.

Car UMP-350 (131).
Elegant in outline study and the collection set from the AVD Models. To collect their model is a pleasure. After painting a bit singled out by washing the parts and presneill. Long thought how to make a canvas progrevaniya sleeve from the car to the plane, but nothing came up. Left without them.

That's all!

25 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses

  1. Very nicely finished, described and photographed...(and a well laid out setting as well). I like it! 🙂

    • Thank you, Craig! I am very sorry for your English. But I hope all understand what I want to say ))) I have not visited the site and did not spread to the model, since I was busy building a An-8.

  2. Excellent model. Great detail.,

  3. I can feel the cold! Nice model and presentation. The tires of the truck could be a little flatter to simulate the weight, but after all: Very convincing presentation!

  4. Hello Dmitry,
    Excellent diorama with very realistic snow layer
    The aircraft and vehicle are constructed and painted to a very high standard. I like it very much. Like mentioned by Andreas: "You can feel the cold" Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  5. A top shelf build.

  6. Just curious, any idea why the small rectangular section on the rear of the main gear doors folds inwards? The snow covered base looks great and the Aeroflot scheme turned out very nicely. The Soviets/Russians really did pick some attractive colors for it!

  7. It looks so real ! Amaizing...

  8. Beautiful, Dmitry! I agree - I got cold looking at the pictures because of the great setting! I especially like the snow in the diamond pattern of the tires. Excellent photography, as well.

    Bravo !

  9. Misters, thanks for attention to model and your kind responses.

  10. Very nice indeed

  11. Your models are always so realistic - you do an excellent job of getting the panel lines and weathering just right to scale. Another excellent build!

  12. Profile Photo
    said on August 8, 2017

    Nice work again.

  13. I love the natural lighting in your pictures! You did an excellent job on the whole scene, and the whole article is very informative. Молодец!

  14. Colleagues, I very much enjoy your words and attention! Thank you!

  15. Yes very nice Dmitry, well done.

  16. Impressive build and presentation Dmitry

  17. Thank you, colleagues! Very pleased that the work found a response among the fans and professionals of the modeling, such as you.

  18. I think I missed this first time round but just seen it in the news letter! Stunning mate! Love it!

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