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I say O'l boy!... Why is everyone pointing at us with there mouths open?!!!

August 20, 2017 · in Uncategorized · 14 Comments

O this was a fun one! Seeing that the prototypes are a bit hard to find. You can really let your imagination go wild. What a great excuse for mixing every color of paint at hand. Now the green feather was taken from a feather found here in So Cal from one of the wild parrots we have roaming around. I think it gives him a bit of attitude. I had to add some metalic colors to his underside as a lot of the lizards here in California seem to have these fantastic colors on the underside. A great fast fun project. Ya gotta do a dino, at least once...

I hope you enjoy!

California Steve

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14 responses

  1. Love it and no one can say the colours were wrong

  2. Ya soon as I saw that first photo, I said to myself, "..self, that's gotta be California Steve..". I'm surprised the eyes don't light up, though. 🙂

  3. "I say, Reggie! The Yanks let their pet loose, again! Slipped its lead, what?"
    Love the punk haircut. Good stuff, Steve. Reminds me of them real cheesy 50s movies I used to watch (fitfully) at the drive-ins. Gorgo goes nuts, stuff like that.

  4. Hello Bernard! Nailed it, I'm into 50s cheesy fer sure. There is nothing like a Plan 9 From Outer Space pizza and beer party with your friends.
    I am glad you like the madness.
    California Steve

  5. I have a C57d from 'Forbidden Planet' in the stash (why couldn't they give that ship a cool name). It's 1/144 scale so is just ripe for a mash up!

  6. Very cool David. Mash it up my friend. This is some fun.
    California Steve

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    said on August 21, 2017

    Like it Steve. The feathers set it off just right.

  8. Shades of George Pal my friend, Cool stuff. Got a Martian war machine coming should be fun.

  9. A Martian war machine.. Oh Yea I'll be looking for that.
    California Steve

  10. This has all your hallmarks! Nice one! What about a full metal robot dinosaur?

  11. Thanks Richard. Full metal robot dinosaur? Of course with red flashing eyes. Hmmmm. Nope, been done. I will have to dig deeper into the plastic void..
    Thanks again.
    California Steve

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