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Lockheed T-33A

September 30, 2021 · in Aviation · · 17 · 1.8K

Old model .Cocpit Verlinden-set + Eduard PE

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  1. Nice model Libor, excellent paint job!

  2. Indeed, a very nice result. I like the colours

  3. Excellent model, Imor, love the extras!
    Welcome aboard!

  4. I have two of these on the bench right now, and I can say you've made the most of the kit, and those interior bits go a long way to improve what that kit offers. Great looking paint job too!

  5. Oooh, I like it. A lot! Great T-33 Libor, thanks for sharing her with us here @lcernocky. 🙂

  6. A sharp, smart, tight build with a beautiful paint job.
    Two thumbs up.

  7. I've never seen the T-bird in Navy colors - looks really good that way. Some nice paint work also. Well done.

  8. Nothing looks better than a T-33 in Navy colors, Libor (@lcernocky). Your representation of the high vis paint is very well done. I'm not sure if it is the lighting or paint, but it really looks like the paint is fading to that characteristic orange on the top of the wings. Chipping on the tip tanks is also very nice. Well done.

  9. A beautiful oldie, Libor @lcernocky
    You entered this community with a great build.
    Love the scheme you used.

  10. Very nice job weathering the tip tanks. I saw USAF T-33's back in the 1960's and 1970's and the paint looked just like that. Well done!

  11. Beautifully done! The Navy's designation was TV-2.

  12. Nice! Great job on the day-glo.

  13. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Welcome to this forum Libor, hope you have a good time here.
    You have just made a visually impacting first post ... WOW !
    Very nice representation of a naval T-33 and it's colors.
    A decent clean and sharp build.

  14. Excellent modelling there! That's quite an inspiration. Dayglo really suits the T-33, and the worn tip tanks are outstanding. I've got the smaller Italeri/Platz one in my stash which I'm hoping to do as a Dutch one, with some dayglo.

  15. That's gorgeous, Libor. Thanks for posting it!


  16. Very nice work - those colours pop so nicely and make it such and interesting build.

  17. I thank all of you. I appreciate it

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