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PBJ Walkaround

August 18, 2017 · in Photo Collections · · 19 Comments

This is the last actual -1J (delivered as such from the North American factory) still in existence, now operated in flying condition by the CAF SOCAL Wing out at Camarillo Airport here in S.Calif. after a 23 year restoration.

35 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses

  1. Do note that the Emerson upper turret DID NOT have any framing (and neither did the Martin turret on the earlier models, or the A-20s, or the B-24a, or the B-26s). I have a photo one of my 57th BW guys, a top turret gunner, posed next to his turret. No framing! What people thought was framing was crazing of the plastic when it was glued together with MEK back then.

  2. BEAUTIFUL aircraft & photos, Tom. Thanks for sharing!

    23 years! WoW!

  3. Wonderful set of photos, TC...who's the old man in the left seat, though? lol - 🙂

  4. Fantastic Tom, thank you for sharing your photos. Wonderful aircraft and what an effort for all involved, 23 years! Great job!

  5. Excellent pix of one of North American's best. The Mitchell and its variants are truly magnificent, and this PBJ-1J proves that. The Camarillo boys should be proud of their wonderful accomplishment. Thanks for posting these great pix.

  6. Tom, thanks for posting this PBJ. Look at them panel lines!

  7. Thanks Tom! Got one of these in the stash, so some nice research work you did for me!

  8. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Looks great Tom !

  10. Great photos Tom. Just one "rivet counter" type question. Why does the placard behind the cockpit say it is a "B-25J-30-XC" if it let the factory as a PBJ-1J. Did the "Stencil Fairy" go nuts during the restoration?

  11. Thanks Tom for the awesome photos. Great reference material!

  12. Fabulous. Simply fabulous stuff. Inspiring.

  13. Was really hoping to see this one at EAA this year. (There were a bunch in the air on Wednesday night!) Alas, it was not to be. The Mitchell does look cracking in the tri-color scheme though! (It's my favorite WWII USN scheme followed by the glossy sea blue.)

  14. Just beautiful!

  15. Great photos. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  16. Wow! That should be fantastic experience. Well, in my country we have great aviation traditions but not warbirds. That would be a dream to work in a place like this. I saw once B-25 from Red Bull at airshow. When he was not flying he stood too far from the fence.

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