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Studio Scale Klingon D7.

August 8, 2017 · in Sci-fi · · 11 · 1.8K

My latest Sci-Fi project is a studio scale Klingon D7 from .

I was quite optimistic that this was going to be a quickish build; smooth surfaces, simple paint job and a low parts count. Well poorly cast parts and doubtful detail put paid to that.

The model looks to be a scaled up AMT D7 and as they were responsible for the original special effects models you would assume that the detail would be right. However I found some excellent reference late in the build which seems to contradict what was supplied.

The biggest issue I've had with this kit is air bubbles and voids. Filling and sanding existing holes just reveals more just under the surface which is frustrating. I've also removed detail as it was softly or unevenly cast and replaced with my own parts to make the finished model as sharp as possible. The raised elongated shape on the back of the engineering level was very uneven as was its mounting surface. This was ground away so the surface could be levelled then a Perspex replacement made. No weathering means nowhere to hide for these problems.

Anyway after a long struggle it's starting to get there.

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  1. Looks to be a daunting, albeit unusual, project ahead, Robert. I shall be anticipating the end result with interest. I'm confident you will overcome any "snags" you encounter ahead, however.

  2. Robert, it would seem that the thing was designed to test your modeling & inventive skills! You sure are making the best of it, though.

    Interesting subject.

  3. It's looking great ! It does resemble the old AMT kit in shape.

  4. Robert, I can see how you might have found this kit to be "mildly" Your "fixes" are very well executed and I think you'll have a beauty when she's done.
    Look forward to seeing it finished.

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