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Update (Sep 2nd): After a few fixes and having followed the site closely during the last 24 hours, I believe that the new server is operating as smoothly as expected.
This allows us to move on to a handful of other outstanding details. Some users have reported trouble with certain front-end functions - such as uploading images or posting new topics. This is presumably per-user problem as the bulk of the posting activity seems to be going on as usual. We'll be looking into this next.

Update (Aug 31st): One day after the migration we can see that not everything is as smooth as we had hoped for.

We're experiencing high CPU load on the new server. This may result in pages or uploads becoming slower, or even dropped with 503 error if the server temporarily can't cope with the load. This is somewhat surprising as based on technical specs alone, the new environment should be performing better than the old machine. We're currently investigating the cause of the issue.

Please keep us posted with any problems you may encounter in Help & Support Forum

Update (Aug 30th): The server migration described below has been completed successfully. We're currently performing final checks that everything continues to work as intended... but as all your content has ben transferred securely, feel free to continue posting!

Hi everyone. This is to inform you that iModeler has happily grown to the limit of its current server capacity. Consequently, it is time for us to transfer this service to a more capable environment. We're just in the process of setting up and configuring a brand new server for iModeler, and once this job is completed, it will be time for us to transfer the entire website to its new host.

The transfer operation will commence as soon as we're ready with the server setup, no later than September 1st. During the maintenance window, the site may become unavailable for a few hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.

This time there should be no changes to the site's functionality. We'll let you know when the transfer is done 🙂

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  1. With all those excellent models being presented here I can imagine the site has grown outside of its capacity.
    Great to hear that iModeler is being prepared to host even more upcoming builds.
    Thanks a lot for all the work being done @editor @techsupport

  2. Thanks for letting us know, @editor and @techsupport!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job to you all for growing the best modeling website in the world. Best of luck on your new system.

  4. Thanks for all your hard work and for letting us know about the transfer.

  5. I appreciate all that you've done with this site. Flattering images of you.

  6. I can echo all the previous comments. Thanks for the vision and all the hard work to make this site a great place.

  7. Agree with everyone else, this site is really positive place where people can come together and share what they have been working on. The feedback is positive and constructive and has definitely helped me grow and challenge myself. Thanks for making things a great place to interact and post our work!

  8. Thank you for your hard work. This is a great site with so many amazing work and a great group to share our love on this great hobby.

  9. Appreciate everything you do for this site to keep it running smoothly. Many thanks.

  10. Thanks, everyone for the kind words.

  11. Well done, @editor and @techsupport! Thanks for everything.

  12. Thanks for the timely work and great support, @editor and @techsupport.

  13. Thank you for the hard work and keeping this sites mojo up to date!

  14. Thank you for maintaining and keeping this friendly modelling site just that way, and thriving.
    This is the only social site that I use in life.

  15. Your Lego technicians did an amazing job! Congrats on your upgrade.

  16. I got the 503 code twice last night. In each case 10 minutes later I could get in the site.

    Thanks for the excellent work you guys, in making this the best modeling club on the internet.

  17. Looks like everything is running smooth now - and notably faster than with the previous server.
    Keep up the good work, my friend @editor and @techsupport!

  18. Glad that it's noticeable @fiveten, we think we may have found the root cause... working on it.

  19. Martin, @editor
    Thank you for continuing the work behind the scenes to keep your website up and running smoothly. So far I have been able to post pictures using both our home computer and my cell phone. They seem to be loading much faster as well.

    This site is hands down the best there is, and we are very fortunate that you to not only created it, but for also keeping it in good working order.

    Thank you VERY much for this.

    PS: I like your new background with the P-51B "LOU III". You just gave me an idea for a future build. Thanks again, and take care.

  20. Hi Martin @editor @techsupport, just to let you know that I’ve been unable to open a new topic in the automotive group. When I click on “New Topic” nothing happens. I’m sure you can fix it. Thanks for your help.

  21. Thanks @chinesegeorge, I'm looking into it. /m

  22. Hello. As requested, letting you know I am trying to upload my latest build but it's not working.
    I've never had problems before, this is my 90th upload.
    Good luck with everything. This is the best site. Thank you so much for everything you do.
    Paul in Australia

  23. @paulwoodyvanacker, @chinesegeorge,

    Please try uploading pictures and/or posting a topic again. Both functions rely on Javascript (meaning that your browser downloads the script from the imodeler site but then runs it locally on the shown web page) and there's always a risk that some of these scripts becoming stale during site updates.

    What I could do was to make sure that these are fully reloaded for all users today. Please let me know if this works.

    Another way to try is logging into iModeler (main page) and then pressing Ctrl+F5 (on PC). This should ensure a complete reload of the site in your browser.

    Fingers crossed

  24. Hi Martin (@techsupport): I also continue to have problems adding photos. I was able to add a couple of photos yesterday (Friday), but today (Saturday), I am having problems. I tried to upload 4 photos in a post and had 2 load and 2 that wouldn't load. These photos were all taken at the same time on my iPhone. As far as I can tell, there is no difference between the photos. My written posts are going into iModeler without problems, but the photos still mostly fail to load. I took a screenshot of the error message and actually got it to load. Thanks for trying to fix this. Cheers.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  25. @techsupport, @martin, Hi Martin, just uploaded some pictures (taken with an Android phone) and two of them gave an upload error (in two different topics), even trying multiple times.

    Using a picture viewer and rotating the images for 90 degrees (and saving them ofcourse) made me upload them correctly this time. Could be a coincidence ofcourse, but since it worked directly, I thought it is worth mentioning.

    • I'll give that a go tomorrow. Been trying to upload an article and can't get any photos through at all. No point in updating my build threads either since I can't get anything through on topics either. Same with you John, using an android phone too. @techsupport @martin

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