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Tank Museum part two; Tank Heaven in Devon!

Hard to believe, but I had to work hard to cut the photos down to 100 (maximum file size), and considering I didn't get around the whole exhibition, I think it really shows the quaility of the museum's subjects. There is something for every lover of armour, with very, very few replicas. Most of the photos are of WW1 and II - I figured (maybe wrongly) this is where most modelers' interests would be.

I've picked out some personal favourites in the main article, but honestly the whole experience was fascinating.

Some early armour. It defies belief the conditions that crews had to endure.

As if being in the trenches wasn't bad enough before the tanks started rolling in...

A couple of Panzer II's. The second is a 'Luchs' model (German for Lynx, following their tradition of naming their tanks after big cats) and is one of just two surviving units. Another is being built up from the ground in the US (

And a lovely Panzer III.

Louis G, these are dedicated to you...

A nice set piece with a T34 and Panther facing off.

Of corse there is a very large gift shop, with a large model kit and book section. For once I resisted and just bought a T-Shirt. George, the last photo is for you, oddball...


75 additional images. Click to enlarge.

24 responses

  1. Wow...quite an extensive collection, huh..? Thanks for sharing.

  2. They have one of each of the important ones! The scheme on that Panther do attract the eye! I'd be nervous crewing something that eyecatching.

  3. Thank you David ! These are all very special photos but I sincerely appreciate that you posted the ones that show the Panther and it's internals. I didn't realize that the 75 MM mounted on the Panther could penetrate armor better than that of an 88 mounted on a Tiger. I learned something here.

    Thanks again for sharing these pictures with us.

    Take care my friend and best wishes from the "other" side of the pond.

  4. Nice! Woof Woof.

  5. Thank you David that was a treat. What a collection! I loved your photos.
    The gift shop looked great. I gotta get the Sherman T shirt! That is waaaay cool.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  6. I would love to visit this place but Devon is such a hike from leafy Cheshire,maybe one day I'll get there ,until then these are the best I'm going to get ,thanks for sharing.

    • Neil, it'd make a great weekend away. Thoroughly love that part of the world; the Jurassic coast is amazing, beautiful forests, cider, great beer. I'm based in London (although originally from Edinburgh) and can't spend enough time there.
      Very best, Neil,



  7. Great photos David. Thanks for sharing. Love the panther. I reckon we might see a few in that scheme.

  8. This is really a treasure island. Hope to visit some day. Thanks for sharing David.

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