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NieR:Automata A2 (3D resin print)

NieR: Automata A2
Scale 1:10
3D sculptor Luis Donaldo Meza

My second visit in unknown territory. I still feel like total noob in painting .
Paints do not work as I want to... But I am learning, it is slow process. I had to re-valuate some of my expectations how it works.
I printed the figure twice. This figure goes to my son as a gift - we both love this kind of art. The next one will benefit from what I learned and I hope especially hairs will look much better. Now it is so so...

Meanwhile, I am finishing BAE Lightning. I re-modelled wheels already for and got Alclad II polished Alu.
I must finish him till Telford where I want to bring him.

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5 responses

  1. Your job looks excellent from here, Martin!

  2. To me your skills do already look great, Martin @naviatik
    Very nice paintwork.

  3. Great work Martin, way beyond my abilities, and certainly a lady that I wouldn't make angry...LOL

  4. She’s a beauty, Martin, but I’m looking forward to seeing your Lightning as well.

  5. Amazing Painting Martin , fantastic work. Great photos as well.

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