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Trainers in Arms (T-41D)….

Here comes my latest combo T-41D build.

The manufacturer is the historic Turkish company .

The kit comes with fine engraved panel lines for two versions which the Turkish Armed Forces have been using since 80s for basic flight training.

The first version is the white/orange one which belongs to the training wing of the Air Force Academy providing the basic flight training for the cadets during their 4 years of academic education prior to transitioning to the fighter jet training following the graduation.

The 2nd version with the OD fuselage is the one that Turkish Army Aviation School has used for basic fixed wing training of the branch school officers.


14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses

  1. An excellent pair of Cessna's. nice to see trainers.

  2. Nice work on both Emre, I was not aware PM released 1/48 kits. I have only seen 1/72 kits on the shelves here.

  3. VERY cool, Emre! It's great to see something different - both in decoration and painting, as well as the aircraft themselves. Yours are great versions and very well done.

  4. Clean and crisp builds, sir...nicely finished.

  5. Very neat work, Emre, even in 1/48 scale they must be quite small.

  6. Excellent work! I like the subtle mottling to add interest to the color scheme. Nice to see unusual subjects, and a "pair build" is always nice - I'm considering doing a similar pair project with a couple of Viggens.

  7. "The manufacturer is the historic Turkish company PM." Some solid strong modeling of a classic. I've learned two things ...a Turkish modeling company makes a traffic Cessna and the Turks use them. Make that three, there are some traffic Turkish modelers too.

    Two thumbs up Emre

  8. that is terrific Cessna. Not traffic...

    • Stephen,
      Appreciate your comment.
      Normally, the PM is a little notorious with its poor molding, lacking details and poor fitting issues (all true, unfortunately), but this particular kit is an exception to the rule!
      No worries about wording; we sometimes do have some terrific traffic here;)

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