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[Year of the Cat] Tomcat with Tomcatters scheme, 1/72 Hasegawa

September 6, 2017 · in Aviation · · 31 · 2.3K

Dear Imodelers,
greeting from an South Korean newvie here.

Wonhee Lee introduced I modeler forum to korean modelers and I've watching for a while with interest. and I realized that this is just where I was looking for longtime, the aircraft modeler's heaven...

I've never been in country where use english then my english is terrible and I put a hard work to write an article but I'll try with my old English dictionary book to share some my scale models and my experience.

So, here's "Tomcatters' in 72th
I saw there is Year of cat group building running and I thought this little cat will fit in with another.

Kit is " atlantic fleet squard" from . Old one but still Standard above another 1/72 Tomcat kit.
I found one picture of this special color scheme of tomcatters. the aircraft was in outdoor exhibition and I couldn't found any other pictures, may be this scheme was only for that exhibition. But I think it's quite refreshing color instead of classic tomcatters one.

I don't have airbrush so I use to color with some lacquer spray can for industrial use. then I did washing and weathering with oils and tamiya's enemel color.

thanks for whatching, I'll look forward to posting more soon.

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  1. Great choice of colours for the year of the cat! Nice finish on your Tomcat and your base sets it off very well. Welcome to iModeler, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.

  2. Welcome aboard! This is really an interesting marking scheme, and I like the weathering you did to the wing sweep area. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

    • I'm sure that I will!
      actually that base is just printed photo on hard board sprayed of dull finish. Its mean way but always reuse it when I picture navy birds

      • oops, I mistook reply and I cannot find how can I delete or edit it..
        anyway thanks for your welcome Boris
        For wing weep area I easily engraved outline with knife and filled inside with oils. and brushed in circle way. it was very effective

  3. Fantastic looking build (and photography)...I wouldn't have guessed it was 72nd scale, either! And your English is better than some American citizens I've seen - lol. Welcome to the site, and as George said, you'll like it.

    • it's just as well that my english is understandable anyway!
      for photography I don't use any nice camera but sunlight is always render magic. and I always photograph them with 3x~4x zoom. it really gives model a huge-scale looking effect.

  4. Wow - very nice! Love the weathering, and a great scheme as well. Glad you could join us - a great place both to "talk" modeling, and to learn a little English as well! I look forward to seeing more of your builds.

    • Actually I thought same thing; why I have to study with all that book instead of chatting on my interesting field? so critics are always welcome both to build, and language.

  5. Beautiful bird Hongseob! You learned your skills fast in just two years! Congrats!

  6. Hongseob, welcome! Good looking Tomcat!

  7. Very nice! the weathering is excellent! I like it more because of the Tomcatter scheme, being an ex Tomcatter ,when they flew F-4's.

  8. Welcome to iModeler, Hongseob CHOI.

    This is done very well. Great paint scheme. It fits well in "The Year of the Cat."

    Don't worry about your English - it's fine!

  9. Very nice work. That's very good weathering, quite realistic.

    Welcome to the club.

  10. Welcome to imodeler Hongseob. My compliments to you on a nicely done Tomcat with a fine choice of markings. I look forward to seeing more of your fine work.

  11. Welcome aboard !

    Your Tomcat really looks nice.

    Welcome to the year of the cat group build too.

  12. Welcome to iModler Hongseob and your first entry is a really good looking Tomcat.

  13. An excellent way to start your journey with Imodeler with an outstanding Hase F-14. Well done especially the weathering. The paint work is amazing that was not applied by an airbrush. Welcome Hongseob to our community. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

    • I appreciate for your compliments Chuck. I love most weathering among all step; drawing all stains with slender brush. I wish to work with airbrush in future but for now, my small room and fishbowls not allow that

  14. Nice Tomcat! Great job on the painting.

  15. I love the red and black paint scheme on the tail.

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