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BAE Hawk Red Arrows 50th Anniversary, 1/72 Airfix

October 23, 2017 · in Aviation · · 13 · 1.8K

This is my new finished work; the with splendid 50th anniversary Union jack marking on the tail! truely beautiful design.

Well, It's hard to tell this is airfix's new tool. It's around 2012's and well fits overall but still need putty for critical gap near air intakes. And it's too bad it has really poor cockpit interior.

I painted Red over Yellow base color both with lacquer spray can for industrial use. it was almost challenge for it's quality but the result is good enough. and finish is also industrial use Urethane varnish can spray. I think this is most easiest and quick way for shiny clear coat.

And photo...
I found this photo trick by accident this time. As you can see from last picture, turn off every light source direct to your model. and put light only behind of your studio. Yes, its too dark. but when you put your camera with long shutter speed (or just leave it Automatic) with tripod (or leave it on your table with 2 sec. timer. just like me), you can have quite nice result with commercial picture looking atmosphere.

This time I enjoyed building shiny airshow marking aircraft. I think two more will be added on my buildup list

p.s I think I still have difficulty with language problem, every correction or guidance is welcome!

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  1. Great build, nice finish...I think I need to talk to you about taking better pictures.

  2. The photography is top-notch, my friend - as is the model - very nice result all around. And there's nothing wrong with your language skills, either. I can think of many English-speaking folks who don't have the grammatical expertise that you exhibit, so no worries in that regard, sir. 🙂

  3. I agree with Craig. Your work is superb as are your language skills. Well done, Amigo!

  4. Great work! Well done model and photography.

  5. I agree with you about the livery, Choi, and you've got it just right. Experimenting with cameras and lighting, it's surprising how good the results can be. As to your English, I tell my students that making mistakes is good, it's how you learn, and you don't seemn to make too many. As long as we can understand each other then it's fine.

  6. Very nice shiny small Red Arrow. I like those scale eye-level photos.

  7. That is a really eyecatching color scheme!

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