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USCG Albatross

This is another Monogram Albatross I painted and lettered for the USCG.

8 responses to USCG Albatross

  1. Another beauty….lot better lookin’ than mine (sigh) – 🙁

  2. The masking for some of these paint schemes can really get involved.
    I’ve always had a soft spot for flying boats.

  3. I have a neat USCG bumper sticker: SUPPORT SEARCH AND RESCUE;

  4. Great model of a great aircraft.

  5. One of my first kits, I got as a gift from my uncle at age 8! I made the U/C movable so I could drive it across the table. Very robust kit indeed. Great work!

  6. Craig, Julian and Michel; thanks for your compliments on the Albatross.

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