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USS Arizona

October 11, 2017 · in Ships · 13 · 1.8K

I recently completed the Banner 1/350 scale USS Arizona. I modified the model with the addition of about 150 photo etched parts by Eduard. This model also has the Artwox laser cut wood deck applique.

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  1. Very stately there? How 'bout some close ups?

  2. You're not listening, Rick...we need a lot more photos to see all that detail - 🙂

  3. I've tried posting close-ups; files are too big on some. Tried reducing them, still no good.
    I'll keep trying. Thanks for your compliments and interest. Appreciate it.

    • Which image posting service do you use...? If it's by chance Imgur, just scroll down to the bottom of the right-hand menu/tool bar and select "large thumbnail" - seems to be the one that works the best (at least for me)... HTH

  4. How do you add a photo to "post comment?"

    • You can't...I been after Martin and the gang forever to somehow enable that function. However, you CAN add photos to your original post(s). Simply click "edit article", make the appropriate additions/deletions and then hit "save changes". Easy as 1,2,3.

  5. Rick, that is a very nice (and fitting) display setup. I would be very interested in detail shots - if you want to add pictures, you can do so by editing your article. Just click the "Edit Article" button next to the headline and add all the pics you want.

  6. Looks good from a distance, but as others have commented, we all seem to love to drool over the details...!

  7. The lighting isn't the greatest, I added a close-up.

  8. Awesome build! A fine display also.

  9. Rick, beautifully done!

  10. I just can't get the photos the way I want. In any event I thank all of you for your compliments on the model. I did my best to make her namesake and those that gave their lives on Dec.7,1941 proud.

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