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1/48 Sabre F-86F-30

June 14, 2017 · in Aviation · · 31 · 3.6K

Have been working to finish this build all week,I know how you guys like aircraft,it is an kit and a lovely build,just one little bit of bad luck it had a crack in the clear cockpit other than that it was an easy build,I've had it for a while just had to finish off small detailing,seeing all these great aircraft builds has inspired me to finish it,did not put any of the under wing extras wanted to leave it clean,If it came with a Howitzer might have put that on OOPs sorry wrong model,Don't think I am a prolific builder I just don't sleep all that well and it is not unusual for me to be up at 3am working on my kits,and if the wife is out will work all day,so that can be anything up to 12 hours a day,Anyway not much to say about the that I'm sure you all don't know already,the kit has been around a long time bit like me,so just enjoy the pics.Thanks.

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  1. Nice-lookin' build, Mr. Wasley...I like it a lot. Always been a "pretty" airplane.

  2. Hey Jim, nice work,I have the same kit in a different set of markings and it is a cracking little build,well done.

  3. Lovely build, Jim - beautiful finishing and detailing - thanks for sharing

  4. Outstanding build! Always love the Saber. Beautifully clean finish.

  5. Very nice Jim! Cool to see it opened up too. Hey, I used the same markings, "Mike's Bird", on my Sabre! Sweet. 🙂

    • Well Gary it must have been the time you spent in Oz,some of it must have rubbed off,both building the same kit and markings.I to used to race slot cars all though I was older than you and in another state.Cheers and thanks.

      • You're most welcome Jim! Ta. 🙂

        Man, I remember when the hottest slot-car ticket in Oz was the Russkit vacuum-formed bodied cars with the belly-pan chassis and a rewound Mabuchi 26D. Oh, could they run! My "home track" (less than 100 meters from me house), Avus Raceways, had a 250' 8-lane track. Our track record was 11.8 seconds. I borrowed that car (Russkit Porsche 906) and turned in a flat 14 seconds. That was with the controller in one hand and a cut-out in the other. Needless to say, I wasn't a front runner in my own Cox cars. 🙂

        • Wow I must be much older than you,can't remember half that much,do remember a track that had a drag strip for slots and they were caught in a net at the end,I remember the bigger shopping centres had tracks that you could pay a small fee and race you car,thanks for the memory jog,have more senior moments now a days.Cheers.

  6. Nice build! I guess if you can't sleep, might as well model!

    • Never a truer word said,but then I have been spending time at this computer,answering comments(,And Loving It,)Thanks Greg its always nice to see your comments.Go well and keep modeling.

  7. Jim, really good looking Sabre! You showed off all the features they give you, so you get to learn about the aircraft. I like the Academy Sabre just a little less than the Hasegawa, which is a hard call, given the features of the Academy. And surprisingly, both give you a pilot figure, rare these days. Again, Academy gives you a standing and seated figure of the pilot.

    The Sabre was the emblematic fighter of its time, IMHO. At least for us Yanks. The ANG here had Sabre Hs, the last of the sportin' models.

  8. I agree it seems heresy to hang bombs on her, though she had that capacity.

    • Thanks Bernard,I bought the Academy as this was the only one I could get a hold of at the time,things are limited down here,it did have a figure standing but no figure sitting,and also lots of under wing gear,but I was just interested in the aircraft,I felt with the open scheme that was enough for me.Glad you enjoyed it anyway.cheers

  9. Great Sabre! there probably wouldn't be things under the wings during this type of maintenance. Always liked the sabre too. particularly t he 'D' model.

    • Thanks Robert,Doctor says the same thing to me when I go in for my maintenance,so many things have been taken out from under my wings its a wonder I can still fly Ha Ha!

  10. Beautiful F-86 Sabre Jim... This looks great, and I really like it.

  11. Thanks Louis and I like you to.P.S can I come too.saw your chat with Craig

  12. Well done Jim, quite impressive, something about a natural metal finish. What finish did you use, Alclad, MM or one of the new Acrylics? I only have the Monogram Sabre built and a Hasegawa F-86 in the stash, may have to pick up an Academy kit as well. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks very much Chuck,my finish is just a craft Acrylic,not sure if it helped but my trade is Auto repairs with many year spraying Enamels and metallic,the days of lead based paints,have painted everything with wheels and not,I don,t know if you have heard of Jim Clark the auto racer of the 60's as a kid I painted his racing helmet thought that was cool back then,I found the Academy kit fine,have not built any of the other kits,my kit was old and I do know a lot of kit manufactures have re-tooled kits and added extras,get a little more for you buck today,Bernard who is more knowledgeable than me says the Hasegawa is a bit better.Thanks for the kind comments Cheers.

      • This is a few months late, but I do remember Jim Clark, the racer. I saw him (on TV) place 2nd in the 1963 Indy 500 and when he won the 1965 race as well! I saw him take second place at the 1966 race which was the FIRST race I saw in person.

        Anyway - this is a GREAT F-86!

  13. I like it, very well done!

  14. Thank you Christian coming from you I feel I have gone to the top of the class,you aircraft work is out of this world.Thank you.

  15. Classic aircraft, classic kit and classic build. You have a lot of fun with this hobby, Jim, and your models always turn out fine.

  16. Beautiful build, Jim, and excellent photos to show off your handiwork. Hope you're still building and enjoying retirement.

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