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IMC 1/72 Mig-21D “all weather fighter”

November 24, 2017 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.9K

This is another model that's older than most of you. The Mig 21D is one of the "Battle Damaged Series", which you could build "stock" or as a "battle scarred veteran". It included parts for both, including two port sides, one of which was "battle damaged". I chose to have some fun with the "damaged" half. Decals were included for both versions, but were so old, using them was by chance.

IMC was a division of Hawk Models (I guess) or so it says on the box. I'm not even sure how old this kit is, but a guess would be the 70's. It's been re-released within the past few years, at a updated price. Mine is the "old" one.

Most of what you see is the way the kit came. I added shards of "aluminum", cut from the top off a wine bottle (vintage 2014), tacked on and painted. The rest is paint, some cotton and a lot of fun. There weren't many parts, but I chose "gear up", on a provided stand, along with the included, ejecting pilot. Considering it's age, and lack of cockpit, etc., the Mig 21 came out ok, and gave me some entertainment as well as some challenges.

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  1. Hi Joe, I was logging in when this popped up. The MiG-21 is a classic cold war jet, and this kit seems to be almost as old as the plane itself, but not quite as old as me! Whatever, your fun build has produced a great image and you seem to have made the most of the kit as it was originally designed. Nice work.

  2. A real blast from the past! looks great, I did the Lindberg reissue a little while ago, minus the battle damage.

  3. I like these in action models. Just adds to the realism. You did a great job on this one Joe !

  4. Wondered where you'd been lately, Joe...been a while, huh? The use of the cotton for the seat rocket sorta compensates for the "lack of cockpit detail"...great idea. The 'battle damage' looks pretty cool as well. I like it.

  5. Joe, I figure it came out about 1972, or so. Lindbergs latest incarnation has them out again, with some Hawk kits and the Inpact/Pyro/Lifelike Gladiator,etc.

  6. The battle damage is very convincing, didn't look anywhere near that good when I did one of these last century sometime. Bet you had a lot of fun with this!

    If I remember, there was an A-4 Skyhawk, and A-1 Skyraider and an F-4 Phantom in the battle damage series as well.

  7. I've got the Skyraider and 105 in this IMC set! Yours came out looking nice - a very fun project. I haven't brought myself to use the damaged components yet...

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