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A visit to the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Part 3

December 8, 2017 · in Aviation · 8 Comments

It's very easy to get carried away in this place. There is a lot to see and it comes at you from every direction.

My apologies for the quality of some of the photos. Half of the time I was looking at something else while trying to photograph any given airplane. There are more pics to come...

30 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Cool place to visit, ain't it Jaime...? 🙂
    Long drive from Daytona, though... 🙁

  2. Hello Jaime,
    In the first place, many thanks for sharing your visit with us. This place is on my bucket list.
    Looking at your photographs, it shows, that the US is very careful with it's history in general. I admire that patriotic attitude.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  3. Definitely a fantastic collection, Jaime, is there is a model shop there? If not, I feel they're missing out, what a great place to introduce newcomers to the hobby.

  4. A VERY cool place, Craig!

    No model shop, George, but the gift shop does have a few kits. Other than the aircraft carriers, there are no models on display anywhere in the museum that I could see.

    Dirk, I was told by one of the docents that many of the records regarding US naval aviation are stored here, including the list of every Navy pilot from the first one to the present. None of that is on display, but I sure hope they care for those like they do their aircraft collection.

  5. There's one more series of photos to come from this visit, which was in early November. I haven't even gotten to the trip I did this week, and there's still one more building to cover. Those pics are still in the camera. I'll download and post them when I get home.

  6. Thanks for posting. Good stuff.

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