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My Modeling Review 2017

December 29, 2017 · in Uncategorized · · 15 · 2.7K

Well, this year has been crazy. I started two new jobs, got to know incredible people, went to Telford for the first time... so when I started compiling the list of builds I got done this year I was convinced it would be a rather short one. Yeah, sure.

Completed Builds

  1. Accurate Miniatures SB2U-3 Vindicator
    Fun kit, first time working with MRP paints, loved them.

  2. Mirror Models Diamond T-969 Wrecker
    This one tested my endurance a bit. Lots of tiny parts, superbly detailed, but not the easiest one to build.

  3. Meng MRAP Cougar 6x6
    A foray into modern armor. Definitely not the last one, as I got re-hooked on that stuff.

  4. Iron Shipwrights PC-461 Patrol Craft
    A tiny little resin kit, relaxing build, and basically a test piece for seascapes.

  5. Eduard I-16 Type 24
    Once a year I build something for my wife. This time it was this small vignette.

  6. Academy F-4C Phantom II
    After the ZM F-4C was announced I knew I had to build this right away, otherwise it would have ended up in the Stash of Doom 🙂

  7. Hobby Boss F4F-4 Wildcat
    My contribution to the "Battle of Midway" Group Build, this kit goes together well. Still prefer the Tamiya kit though.

  8. Revell PT-17 Kaydet
    This kit is surprisingly good and a perfect choice if you want to try bi-planes.

  9. Dragon USS Chevalier
    I feel like this is my biggest achievement this year. The first real attempt at a seascape, I am quite happy with the result.

  10. Academy I-58
    A pure Mojo build, and the first time working with a wooden deck.

  11. Special Hobby T-2C Buckeye
    It's short-run. It's not without its flaws. But finishing it was very satisfying.

  12. Miniart T-54B Interior Kit
    My first build review this year. Very well detailed, but complex. For funsies am now playing around with a small winter vignette for the T-54, trying out various diorama products.

  13. Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter
    The second build review this year, and the kit that got me into British armour... Damn you, Thunder Model! Even more stuff I want to build now!

  14. AFV Club M458
    Been working on this little tractor off and on, playing around with mud splatter effects.

On the bench

Currently I am working on two kits, coincidentally both by AFV Club. The Valentine Mk.II will be part of a scene with the Scammell and was build as a test canvas for the new AK Interactive "Real Colors". Decals are done, now for the fun part of weathering.
The M109A6 Paladin was a Christmas present and looked so good in the box I had to start building it right away.

What's left...

Of course there have been some victims of Mojo loss, scheduling conflicts and a dozen other excuses...

The Monogram/ProModeller SB2C Helldiver is almost ready for painting, but the wind screen doesn't fit right and right now I can't get myself to fiddling around with it.

The ancient Zvezda BT-5 was started to remind myself of how good we have it with all the modern offerings. A five Euro kit, no aftermarket, just styrene bits and what I can find in the spares box. The turret is done, but the hull still needs a metric ton of rivets.

Finally, Dragon's USS Spruance needs its hull sanded and all the fittings on the helo deck scratchbuilt. Still looking for reference material, until then it is on hold. But hey, I already painted the Phalanx and the Harpoon launchers!

So there you go. As I said, it was a crazy year, but I liked every bit of it. Now let's raise our bottles of Extra Thin to a wonderful 2018!

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  1. To a fruitful year 2018 just like this one Boris, congrats!

  2. An impressive production line, sir...well done, one and all. 🙂

  3. Congratulations to a productive year.

  4. Great selection, Boris.

  5. I can see no trace of morning hour modelling here.

  6. That Miniart T-54B Interior Kit is proving to be popular on some mail order sites. It seems that it coincided with your article Boris. Just one man's opinion.;)

    Some good looking models too.

  7. What a fantastic year for you ! These are all works of art. Hopefully you can get back on the Curtiss Helldiver and the BT-5 when your Mojo comes back... (and it will). Thanks for sharing these with us. Happy New Year.

  8. Beautiful builds! You've perfected the mud splatter & for plain old fun, that PT-17 looks just right!

    Well done, Boris and 2018 is off to a good start at your house, for sure!

  9. Congratulations on a successful modelling year, Boris, and here's looking forward to 2018.

  10. The quality here is so high Boris - this reflects a really great year. I have to say the thing that stands out for me is the variety of subjects - armour, shipping, aircraft, jets, biplanes, tractors! And all done to such an impressive standard! Happy new year!

  11. Wow, I like all of these a whole lot, Boris. I particularly like the Vindicator and the Wildcat for the way you got the faded paint on them. Very realistic. I also really like the Stearman - you got that "used" look that a well-used trainer would get back then. Everything else is wonderful too.

  12. Excellent, excellent

  13. Congratulations on the beautiful collection, it makes a big impression. I like the high quality that your models present, well done, good job

  14. Amazing work, and I can't believe how much you got done in a year - and are not retired!

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