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Bedford QLR Wireless Truck

January 3, 2018 · in Armor · · 25 · 2.6K

Hi Folks,

For my first build on here I would like to present to you the 1:35th scale Bedford QLR Wireless Truck.
The kit comes moulded on four sprues of grey plastic along with a single sprue that holds all the clear parts.

Sprue A consists of mainly the parts that go to make up the Bedford's distinctive cab, While Sprue B contains the chassis, wheels and engine both of which are common to the earlier Bedford QLD Truck.
Sprues E and F on the other hand contain all the parts for the reasonably detailed Radio shack that is fitted to the rear of the vehicle.
I have taken a few pictures so you can see for yourselves the detail which has been moulded into the parts by IBG.

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  1. Not being familiar with this particular manufacturer, it appears as if it will build into a very nice rendition. Look forward to seeing the end result. Welcome, sir.

  2. Looks like you have picked a nice subject to build... I have never seen one of these built up. Welcome aboard !

  3. Hi Folks
    I must say the kits are a bit basic and the detail can be heavy at times. Having said that I built one of their later kits and it was spot on. OK we are not talking Tamiya or Trumpeter but they are not far behind.

    Now can one of you guys tell me how to post more pictures please?
    Thank you.

  4. These are not the correct type but I have not been able to find a replacement set so I will be going along with these.

    Next up in Step 2 of the instructions comes the radiator. This consists of three parts and as you have seen has some very nice detail moulded into it. Its a shame really because once the cab is in place on the chassis the radiator cant be seen. (But at least we know its there though).

    As you can see the engine builds up into quite a nice interpretation with the parts all fitting well.

  5. Two alternative roofs are supplied in the kit one normal closed roof and one with a hole in it. I chose to use the solid roof as the edge of the ring in the other must have scaled up to about 10 inches and was way over size.

  6. The next part to be assembled is the cab front (Step 8). Again not very much to add just the accelerator peddle (B70)the fire wall (A11) and the steering column support (B68). I must add, none of the parts suffered from "flash" at all although there were some heavy mould seems present that need removing. To do this I simply scrape the raised portion with the edge of a new Swann Morten #10 blade.

    Moving on to Steps 9 and 10 of the instructions, this has you building the cab interior. The fit of the parts are first class considering the cost of the kit. The only drawback, if I can call it that, is the plastic seems a little soft.

  7. Looks good, Gary! 1st build here? Awesome choice - it's something few of us know about. There's learning here!

  8. Welcome and thanks for sharing. I would love to see the finished product.

  9. The mudguards on the kit are way too thick the originals were made from very thin sheet with strengthening folds being pressed into the steel. This is a feature that would have said to me buy the Eduard Detail Set if these had have been included but unfortunately Eduard missed the boat on this one. However I decided to file the mudguards down using a half round file and add the strengthening folds from stretched sprue.

    I offered the two mudguards up to the underside of the cab but things didn't look right but after seeing a review on a site that suggested a small surgical procedure I decided to follow suit and remove the shaded areas, the result was a perfect fit.

  10. I have a copy of the book "Bedford to Berlin and Beyond QL: The Forces Favourite 4x4" Which on page 95 shows a drawing of the QLR. Fitted to the cab roof is a 19 set Varometer and Arial Loading unit.I decided to add this from a box of resin scrap parts that I picked up some years ago at a car boot sale but more of that later.

  11. While I was doing the above I also added some detail inside the cab that was missing. I now dry-fitted the door panels and roof to check the quality of the fit. To my surprise the fit was that good it all stayed together without glue with the roof snapping into position.

    I then removed it all and painted the inside in my interpretation of SCC 15, which was made up of 5 parts Tamiya XF-81, 1 part XF-58 and 1 part XF-71. The seats were first sprayed in Tamiya Dark Earth and then given a was of thinned Burnt Umber oil paint and once dry a light dry-brushing with Humbrol Khaki Drill. The various panels were then glued into place and the clear glazed parts added.
    I mentioned above about a box of scrap resin that I picked up at a car boot sale some years ago. In that box I have got all the parts for an Accurate Armour Scammell Commander Tank Transporter, some parts to a 1:35th resin Land Wasser Schlepped and some parts to the Resicast Bedford Radio truck. As some of these parts have better detail than the IBG kit I will be using them as I go along.

  12. One of the main features of the Bedford cab is the enormous indicator arm that is found on the passenger side. This is completely missing in the kit as is the starter handle which fits under the radiator grill. I managed to find the indicator arm in amongst the resin parts and fitted it in place on home made brackets.I also made up a starting handle from brass rod and aluminium tube and again fixed it in place using brackets I made from scratch.

  13. Its got to the stage where the chassis has to be constructed. I was a bit concerned as the chassis comes with cross member that have to be fixed in place. Its not the ladder type that we get on some kits. However if you take your time and keep things as square as possible a good result can be obtained.

    The exhaust was fitted and the end drilled out.

    The plate that fits across the front of the chassis should have the hooter (horn) fitted to it but this is not supplied in the kit so I sourced one from my spares box I also commandeered a pair of shackles from an old tank kit.

    Next up I had to assemble the two axels, in my opinion these are the worse part of the kit but, again, with a little care and attention they can become usable. I then gave the engine a spray over with Tamiya Green and then fitted it into the chassis. Once again the fit of the parts was top notch.

  14. Looks nice, Gary.

    The easiest way of posting more photos in a build log is to post your accomplishments in a build log in Groups. Find the correct one then just click New topic and off you go. Then people can comment and you can add photos and comments as you build . An alternative to that would be to make a new post and have a headline stating where you are, like "Bedford QLR, pt 2, Chassis and tray". This may only be doable if you plan to do not more than a handful of articles.

    • Thanks for that tip Stellan, still trying to work my way around the site. Thanks again.

      • No worries, it always takes a few tries before hitting the right way of working a site. A few grrr and hmpf are coming with the territory and I have spent a bit of time posting and reposting myself.

        • Would it be ok to finish this one off on here? then the next one I will do as you have said.

          • I reckon it is up to you how you want to present your builds and models. For ease of use it might be better to create a build log so we can see your progress in one go. The article you have created now will soon be gone from the front page as new articles are created each day. The alternative would be to create new articles in a bit so we can see what is going on. Just make sure you title them Pt 1, pt 2 etc so we know that there are more articles on your build and more to be expected.

  15. Hi Folks having taken advice this build will be moved as detailed above. Sorry for any inconvenience

  16. No need for apologies, Gary, this ia a user friendly site. Looking forward to seeing more of your build and, of course, the finished model.

  17. This build can now be found in the Work In Progress - Armour Group.

    Thank you 🙂

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