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Norwegian Army NM-116 BAttle Tank: Highly Upgraded & Modified M24

February 27, 2018 · in Armor · · 6 Comments

1/35 AFV NM116 Norwegian Battle Tank. This tank is essentially the venerable Korean war Chaffee which were provided to the Norwegian army. They then greatly updated and modified it to meet their needs renaming it the NM116. I saw the box art rendered on the kit and I thought it looked so "cool". I just needed to build it. I was tired of the typical T-55's, T-72's, Tigers and Abrams. When completed one thing that stands out is "WOW how small this tank is compared to a full size MBT" It must of been a fast little sports car of a tank, hard to hit at a full run. This build is all OOB. Overall it was a good kit, well engineered, with decent fit. AFV, like Dragon, do have high parts counts and seem to be a bit over-engineered but this does provide for high fidelity of detail. I dont think it is a very popular tank b/c I sell all my models on that popular auction site, and all my models eventually sell, except for this one. It has been listed off and on for over a year. I recently took it out of storage and re-weathered it a bit, practiced some oil paints techniques, and re-took the photos shown in this post. Lets see if she sells this time. Anyhow hope you enjoy the pictures and comments are welcomed.

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6 responses

  1. Great build and fantastic weathering Paul, well done.

  2. Nice piece of armor modeling, Paul...I like it.

  3. Well, here's an exotic beast. Maybe a niche taste in terms of subject, but the detailing and finish are top class.

  4. Well done, Paul.

    • By the way, Paul - what is the caliber of the gun? Still 75 / 76mm? I could easily imagine that the gun was upgraded. Since there's a muzzle brake, it has had at least one upgrade to a better-penetrating gun. (And yes - the main weapon on a tank IS properly called a gun !)

      This one's for shooting; this one's for fun ...

  5. Neat little model, Paul, hope it sells this time.

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