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U.S. Coast Guard Post War Aircraft

March 19, 2014 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.9K

I apologise the quality of the photos; the planes are in a museum and I can't re-photograph them easily. One of my shortcomings as a modeler is my rush to build a model and the failure to take photos as I progress. And when complete, a rush to snap a few pictures before sending the models on their way.

I built these kits over a 10 day period with the intention of completing them prior to the museum's opening day of May 1st but "dilly dallied" on the builds so I missed the deadline. So the rush was on and my work area resembled an aircraft production line. I picked the easiest kit first to get the line moving. As the main parts (wings, fuselage) were clamped together, the next kit was opened, the glue flowed, plastic was clamped/taped, set aside to dry and the process was repeated. As each kit was opened and started I had to make sure the parts were kept accounted for (and not intermingled). Then back to the first kit, sanding, filling, adding detail and the start of painting. Then over to the computer to make some decals, sanding wood for the base stands, then back to the next kit, well, you get the idea. To facillitae the build process I don't include landing gear as a rule. I don't attach radio antennas as a rule either: when models get moved around the display cases the first thing the staff breaks off are the wheels, followed by antennas and then the propeller blades!
All the models are 1:72 and represent types of aircraft the US Coast Guard flew in the period after WWII. None of the kits started out in USCG colors and graphics, that's part of the fun for me, taking another Service's aircraft kit and turning it into a representative of the Coast Guard missions.
The kits are:
Hasagawa PBM "Marlin"

Fujimy E2-C "Hawkeye"
Mach 2(I think!) "Hoverfly"

After all the models are assembled and painted I check each one individually for "touch ups" on the paint. For this I shut off all lights in the room, use a pocket LED flash light and my strong eye glasses. I view close-up each model and you'd be surprised how many "imperfections" (and screw ups) I find. And if the truth be known I don't catch them all!

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  1. They all look great Mike. A nice bunch of USCG birds.
    Well done mate.

  2. What can be said? Looks great and the collection is impressive!

  3. Nice stuff Mike.

  4. Beautiful! As a Navy Vet I tease the Coast Guard "shallow water Navy" endlessly, and also have endless respect for them, true American heroes who go unnoticed until you need them. Great tribute and great models!

    • Rob
      The Navy's traditional derisive term for us was "The Hooligan Navy" when I was protecting lives and property at sea...but these days Coasties are called "Puddle Pirates", what ever happened to naval tradition? HA! Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Man….I'm worn out just reading about your project. Nice job though.

  6. Outstanding collection of eye candy, Mike...nice work.

  7. Great looking models!
    Well done!

  8. I'm really impressed Mike. It might have been an assembly line but every piece is quality.
    Well done.

  9. said on March 19, 2014

    great collection of forgotten birds

  10. Mike,
    Beautiful, outstanding,stunning, etc,etc. what a masterful job you did on each. The museum must be ecstatic to have them. You have definitely done the USCG proud. Coasties are derided and you will always find any branch of the service make disparaging remarks. BUT, have the utmost respect for the services performed by the USCG.
    Sorry!... Have to add... We used to call you guys, Uncle Sam's Canoe Club.

  11. Mike, Good stuff for sure, I especially the Privateer..However, the "I built these kits over a 10 day period" comment is killing me-I'd have still been in filling/sanding mode after 10 days!

  12. Outstanding work Mike, none of those kits are part of the "Shake and Bake" generations. You had to apply considerable skills to make even one of those kits come out nice much less all fine. I'm sure they occupy a place of pride the museum, and deservedly so.

  13. Bright, well-considered subject range.

  14. Terrific work, Mike, and all in ten days? I guess there's nothing like having a deadline to work to.

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