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Revell 1/9 BMW R75 with sidecar [old Esci]

May 31, 2018 · in Armor · · 16 · 3.3K

means 750cc

this craft served the Wehrmacht as part of 508th heavy Panzer in Italy and elsewhere

508th commanded by Major Hudel was present at the Falaise pocket and Anzio and Rome when that debacle took place

the unit was composed of 45 Tigers and at one point 13 Elephant tanks which were extremely difficult to maneuver through the streets of those small mountain town roads in order to get to the high ground

Hudel was eventually sacked by Hitler after much of his unit was lost

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    said on May 31, 2018

    Good stuff Bob. Those old esci bike kits were great.

  2. Cool looking model Bob, looks like it was a fun project.

  3. Excellent work, Mr. Mack...(long time, no see). 🙂

  4. Great build on a classic kit, nice work, Bob.

  5. Excellent build. I built a 1/9 1942 Harley WLA last year so I know how much fun these kits can be. Your’s is a treasure. Keep building.

  6. Nice Bob! Just finished up a bio of Mark Clark, which of course covered the Italian campaign. Fun to see it modeled!

  7. thank you Greg...wasn't Italy a mess...a rocky spine of a country...hard to move around

  8. Bob, Looks great. I'd love to have the real thing in my garage.
    I have a German friend who's father rode these in WW2. He had some marvelous pictures, that I wish I could have spent more time looking at. He was on the eastern front and somehow survived the war. His story was a fantastic tale of survival and escape, even after being wounded.

    • thank you, Terry...also with me the only German soldier I ever knew fought on the Eastern front and came out alive...he was a piece of work for sure

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