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BMW R75 with sidecar

Italeri scala 1/9

And now for something completely different…

I wanted a model of my youngtimer 1991 BMW E30 cabrio, but could not find any kit. So I decided to disassemble a die cast model and gave it a paint job to resemble the color combination of my car. Think it turned out pretty well. What do [...]

Video: BMW 2002tii 1:24 Scale Model Car | Building the Hasegawa BMW 2002tii

Jet car

This is german representative in land speed record breaking alternative after war history (say it 3 times fast).

BMW Isetta 250, 1:16, Revell of Germany #07030

Here is my build of the BMW Isetta 250. The kit is a 2016 new release from Revell of Germany. I completed this build in 2017 and am just getting around to posting. At 1/16 scale it is different from the majority of 1/24 and 1/25 scale [...]

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Review: Hobby Nu Nu / Platz 1/24 BMW M6 GT3 review

Revell 1/9 BMW R75 with sidecar [old Esci]

R75 means 750cc this craft served the Wehrmacht as part of 508th heavy Panzer in Italy and elsewhere 508th commanded by Major Hudel was present at the Falaise pocket and Anzio and Rome when that debacle took place the unit was composed [...]