Surprise Walk Around: MD 500E

May 7, 2018 · in Aviation · · 16 · 3.8K

While out for a walk I stumble upon this fabulous MD 500E sitting on the lawn outside a restaurant. Pilot probably out for a spin and a meal as it is bank holiday and weather couldn´t be better for a fly around and lunch with partner or friend. For me this is one of the prettiest and absolutely coolest whirly bird to be found. Period. Ten minutes later I hear the sound of a high speed rotor, turn around to see the little helicopter do a vertical take off and disappear in the mid day haze.

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  1. Stellan , you are so lucky to see our beautiful country at it's best, thanks for the photo set as well.

    • Since arriving I´ve seen it from its most "interesting" sides as well as most beautiful. Fantastic how both people and landscape can change as dampness and cold is replaced by sun and warmth. Thanks for your comment, Neil.

  2. Great set of pics for someone building a model of one of these little beauties (or better yet, flying in one on such a nice day). Thanks for the "tour", my friend.

    • Yes, would assume most of the photos can be used for a military version as well as a civilian one. It is really small, like a VW Beetle. Had the pilot come as I was taking the photos I would have asked him/her for a such luck, though. You are most welcome, Craig!

  3. She's a beauty, Stellan. Not quite Kelly Brook in a flying jacket, but a beauty nonetheless. Great photos.

  4. You know, you are more than likely correct. And way less expensive.

  5. I stopped dating models some time ago. When they said my discussions about gull wing dihedral (and anhedral) angles drove them crazy I thought they meant it in a good way...

  6. Oh, Stellan. No, I mean girls - those people with the bumps on their chests, they often have long hair and mood swings. I've been modeling so long I can barely remember them myself...

    • I like the way they button their blouses on the other side than I do. Helps keep things straight. Let's see ... the last time I dated a model was ... well ... hmmm.

      Can I get back to you on that? I've been married since 1971 - I can't seem to remember that far back. I do remember that my wife was the exact model I wanted! Does that count?

      Stellen, great photos, my friend! That little hopper-copper (what I called hell-of-a-copters when I was a kid) is a sleek, racy-looking beauty! Thanks to Frank Cronin @frank-cronin , I have an earlier model of a Hughes by Hasegawa (the California State Police set with Chopper AND motorcycle) that looks very nice.

  7. It certainly is wearing a sinister color! Love the 500 but I prefer them without the pointy nose. I didn't know they color code the damper, blade attachment point and control rods. do you have photos of the other two?

    • Yep, very secret colour. Not sure what you mean by "the other two". Is it the colour codes? Looks like blue, yellow, green, unmarked (black) and white to me. Enlarged the photos and had a closer look.

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