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Surprise Walk Around: MD 500E

While out for a walk I stumble upon this fabulous sitting on the lawn outside a restaurant. Pilot probably out for a spin and a meal as it is bank holiday and weather couldn´t be better for a fly around and lunch with partner or friend. For me this is one of the prettiest and absolutely coolest whirly bird to be found. Period. Ten minutes later I hear the sound of a high speed rotor, turn around to see the little helicopter do a vertical take off and disappear in the mid day haze.

31 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses

  1. Stellan , you are so lucky to see our beautiful country at it's best, thanks for the photo set as well.

  2. Great set of pics for someone building a model of one of these little beauties (or better yet, flying in one on such a nice day). Thanks for the "tour", my friend.

    • Yes, would assume most of the photos can be used for a military version as well as a civilian one. It is really small, like a VW Beetle. Had the pilot come as I was taking the photos I would have asked him/her for a such luck, though. You are most welcome, Craig!

  3. She's a beauty, Stellan. Not quite Kelly Brook in a flying jacket, but a beauty nonetheless. Great photos.

  4. You know, you are more than likely correct. And way less expensive.

  5. I stopped dating models some time ago. When they said my discussions about gull wing dihedral (and anhedral) angles drove them crazy I thought they meant it in a good way...

  6. Oh, Stellan. No, I mean girls - those people with the bumps on their chests, they often have long hair and mood swings. I've been modeling so long I can barely remember them myself...

    • I like the way they button their blouses on the other side than I do. Helps keep things straight. Let's see ... the last time I dated a model was ... well ... hmmm.

      Can I get back to you on that? I've been married since 1971 - I can't seem to remember that far back. I do remember that my wife was the exact model I wanted! Does that count?

      Stellen, great photos, my friend! That little hopper-copper (what I called hell-of-a-copters when I was a kid) is a sleek, racy-looking beauty! Thanks to Frank Cronin @frank-cronin , I have an earlier model of a Hughes by Hasegawa (the California State Police set with Chopper AND motorcycle) that looks very nice.

  7. It certainly is wearing a sinister color! Love the 500 but I prefer them without the pointy nose. I didn't know they color code the damper, blade attachment point and control rods. do you have photos of the other two?

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