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SU-27UB Flanker; GWH 1:48

May 26, 2021 · in Aviation · · 37 · 6.6K

The is one of the sexiest aircrafts I ever saw, so I was missing this build 😀

The SU-27UB from is a fantastic kit. Quiet hard work, but with a very rewarding end result. Completely OOB, just added a few cables to the landing gear.
Painted with AKAH paints (a debut for me).
The instructions could sometimes be better, which made it necessary to consult photos of the real aircraft.
Hundreds of decals, of a quality I had never seen before.
More photos and a complete article to be released soon on a well known modelling magazine, so I must be quite short here. My apologies.
Hope you like it.


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  1. Excellent . Very nice indeed.

  2. GUAU! Fantastic, incredible...I love it. Congratulations, very very good job

  3. Amazing, my friend @magrus!
    Love it!

  4. Build to perfection, Manuel @magrus
    Everything on this build is simply beautiful, detailing, weathering, all.
    Big "Like"

  5. Superb job! Everything was done on the exact amount, the wethering, details... your exaust and cockpit is outstanding... congrats!

  6. That is simply outstanding! Love the paint and weathering work. What did you think of the Akah paints (lacquer or acrylic)? I've used the acrylic once, and am tempted to do so again...

  7. Back in the days, this model would be “Model of the Month” quality... Best Flanker I’ve seen in model form period.

    Absolutamente fantástico Manuel! Bravo! Se por acaso o levar a alguma futura exibição avise-me que eu adorava ver o modelo ao vivo 😉

    • I'm speechless, you guys are very kind!
      Pedro, estará em breve numa revista ou, se andar aqui pela linha de Cascais, terei todo o gosto em lho mostrar.
      Um abraço

  8. Great build @magrus, I agree that the Su 27 is very good looking!

  9. Incredible work, fantastic result! 🙂

  10. Amazing paintwork on top of a superb build.

  11. Hi Manuel,
    You did a fantastic job with this beauty. Outstanding! To me the Su-27 is one of the most beautiful and refined aircrafts ever (the whole family really, except maybe for the Su-34) Amazing painting and weathering as well!

    Having build the smallest 1/72 Su-35 from GWH I can confirm how great their kits are. ?

    Fantastic trabajo, saludos


  12. Fabulous Flanker, definitely liked.

  13. High quality build.

  14. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A truly magnificent work done on this model Manuel.
    There is a full plethora of details to see and skills to admire.
    The camouflage application is very well achieved.
    Thank you for sharing these well taken pictures.

  15. Absolutely fantastic. Bravo!

  16. Beautiful Flanker, Manuel. Superb work on the camo, decaling and weathering. The light tones of the Russian paintwork and well-used airframes make every detail of the weathering stand out. You have captured this perfectly. The stencil work alone must have taken some hours to do. I don't recall seeing an Su-27 build before with the predatory bird on the nose. It is very striking. All in all a great build.

    • Thanks @coling!
      Yes, I spent about 15 hours placing decals. It was a bit of a pain as I don't like it 😀
      The eyes and mouth on the nose are of a snake (at least that's what I read from the Internet).
      Here's a picture of the real aircraft :

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  17. G'day Manuel (@magrus),
    A fantastic build!
    I have the GWH Su-35 to build.
    I hope I can do half the job you've done.

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