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1/35 1950 WINTER ( KOREAN WAR)

1950 korean war.

Many our korean family escaped to south from n. .
I wanted to make their's life and feeling through my dio.
Many american army & marine remembered serious winter.


20 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Jang, honestly, I first thought this was a photo collection. Only after looking more closely did I realize it was a diorama. Absolutely stunning in every respect. Your attention to detail, your ability to capture the human condition, and your photography is amazing.

    Your stuff needs to be widely shared. Bravo. Almost too good to be true.

  2. Excellent work...perhaps one of the best I've seen. VERY nice job!

  3. Very powerful piece of history. You captured it extremely well. Excellent work.

  4. As Sir Martin Gilbert put it, "The most thorough defeat of a previously-victorious Army in recorded history." Douglas MacArthur said "The Chinese leaders know that no Chinese army has ever stood against a Western army." He wasn't thinking of these Chinese leaders and soldiers. Secretary of State Dean Acheson said "The Chinese intervention in Korea was the worst American defeat since the Second Battle of Bull Run."

    The retreat was 150 miles in the worst winter in 144 years in Korea, the longest in Army history.

    I too thought this was a set of photos at first. This is definitely an amazing piece of work.

  5. makes me beyond cold just looking at it. fantastic, evocative work thank you so much for sharing it!

  6. Jang, very nice work. I hate being cold, and this makes me cold, but good modeling is good modeling and This is very well done ! I'm going to go sit by the fire now !

  7. Fabulous work! Great attention to detail! Congratulations.

  8. Absolutely stunning Jang.
    Like others here I thought they were pictures.
    Great diorama, showing the cold and misery .

  9. Absolutely stunning work. Your dio really captured the moment. It also tells a story extremely well, I like it. Now I need some hot coffee.

  10. A tremendous amount of time and work. Nice job. Near the top of, my ever changing, next to do list, is a diorama depicting the USMC "fighting in the other direction" from the Chosin Reservoir. thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Great lighting, too. It really brings the subject alive.

  12. That is just remarkable.

  13. Just impressive !

  14. Very compelling - just excellent all the way around - the details, the composition, the photography - artistry on display!

  15. Awesome dio and an awesome subject as a Turkish guy i know the importancy of Korean war werry well my friend really nice job

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