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Stridsvagn m/21-29

May I present to you the oldest drive-able German made in the world. Fresh out of the workshops this is now officially rolling under its own steam. bought a number of German made LK II in 1921. The story is that the parts were brought into Sweden designated as "agricultural equipment", a somewhat modified truth as Germany couldn´t export war material after the WW 1.

The restoration project started in 2001 but was soon halted. A new push to get it going was given in 2013, with the goal of having it completed in 2018, for the 100-year celebration. The entire vehicle was taken apart to the smallest screw. All steps were documented in text and photo to act as the foundation for better knowledge how a tank like this is actually constructed, but also to be able to re-assemble it once the restoration team came that far as there are no other information to be had but a 27 page handbook.

Although this specific tank had been outside for many years as a monument most bolts were possible to move. Only a few bolts have been replaced due to wear or rust. A new engine was supplied kindly by truck maker Scania and BAE Hägglunds made a new set of track bussings. The original tracks are used. A new electric system was made as the old leads weren´t really safe to use. All steel plates were disassembled, sand blasted, painted and put back.

After five years of restoration the m/21-29 is now drive-able. It is said to be "not too enjoyable in the field" and the question is how long it can be kept running.

A bit more basic information can be found here

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  1. That is such a cool tank, what a treasure! Nice model project!

  2. I must admit I'd never heard of or seen this piece of historical armor prior to your fantastic "walk-around" pics. Thanks for the tour, my friend.

  3. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  4. Fascinating machine.

  5. Great pics and restoration of a very rare subject. So how many crew members Stellan were used to man it?

  6. This looks strongly influenced by the Whippet - is that accurate?

    Amazing restoration.

  7. Fantastic to have this gem restored and in drivable condition !

    I hope to be able to convince my family that we need to visit Arsenalen this summer 😀

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