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BF 109 and sponge mottling

This BF 109 Emil is one of the first planes I have done since returning to the hobby after 30 years. I do still paint by hand using a brush, which provides a few challenges. The mottling camo on the sides of this Emil was produced by dipping a small piece of sponge into the paint and then blotting it against the model.

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10 responses to BF 109 and sponge mottling

  1. Looks like that sponge method worked pretty well, John. I’ll keep that little trick in mind…..thanks.

  2. Very nice indeed. The previous Emil you posted, you mentioned a very heavy mottling. A friend of mine did a very realistic representation of heavy mottling using an old brush with which he ‘dry’ brushed the mottling. He also only brush paint his models. You have a very good set of skills to achieve such realism with only a brush!!!

  3. Very subtle finish on this, John, I’ve heard of that sponge method before, but I think this is the first time of seen the result, you’ve definitely got the hang of it.

  4. Looks great John.
    I will also keep the sponge trick stored for use later.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. Yes – have to agree with the others this looks good!

  6. Thanks everyone. Glad to see you leaving kind comments.

  7. I am a fellow brush-painter, and have used the “dry-brush” method to get the mottled effect, but never the sponge technique. I like the result! Nice job – I think I may attempt that next mottled scheme – what type of sponge did you find gave you the appropriate pattern for the scale?

  8. Very nice effect John – the sponge method worked very well to my eyes. Looks very much like some of the ‘real thing’ photos I have seen. In fact, looks better than some airbrush mottles! I admire your ability to pull that off, I know I never could!

  9. This is a very convincing method of getting a mottled camo effect and with a brush…

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