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The Three Soldiers pt.2

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Second of the models (all Gold), I just rushed, trying to accomplish a one day build, resulted in improper fits and the necessity to reposition the mid character on the base - not according to assigned holes. Yep - had to drill my own positioning holes. Went back and filled some gaps that irked the hell out of me, and repainted. Although it is possible to do one day builds, it is not recommended if you want to do a solemn project. I can spend a full week or more on each kit to achieve proper fits, sculpts and paint modulations. For example, I could have restored lost detail on the machine-gunner’s M-60 or 80 ammo belts where the sculpt/cast was fudged out in rectangles, as well the seam running through it. I should have engraved with my Dremel, but, on one model, an old clay sculpting tool and some scratching got the job done. I didn’t go for detail but general shape instead, attention to that detail is not apparent to the viewer.

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