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I love this

Reading Neil Simon’s obituary today, I ran across this:

“He found escape through the movies, reading, and building plastic models.”

We’re everywhere!

8 responses to I love this

  1. I’ve seen reports of many “celebrities” that share the same interests as ourselves.

  2. There’s a photo of Rod Serling holding an Airfix Wellington he’d just completed.

  3. …and here it is.

    I used to love the Twilight Zone (and latterly ‘Night Gallery’).

  4. Mel Torme was a noted WWI modeler – he was a founding member of the League of WWI Historians and the main financial supporter of Cross & Cockade till he died.

    Jonathan Winters did models as well as his normal art painting.

    And of course there is WW1 modeler Sir Peter Jackson, who likes doing it so much he started a company.

    Jay Leno builds really nice motorcycle models (I’ve seen them at the Garage).

  5. I understand the James Stewart and Henry Fonda’s lifelong friendship was at least partly built on their mutual love of model aircraft building. Doubly impressive given Jimmy Stewart’s flying record in the war.

    2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

  6. And of course, Rod Stewart toured with a case of train-building supplies:

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