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Bristol F 2b Fighter, A-7198, 1 Sqn AFC, Ramleh airfield, Palestine 1918.

April 25, 2021 · in Aviation · · 34 · 1.8K

, built 2009 to 2019, finished in MM, Tamiya and Humbrol enamels with Pledge and Vallejo matt varnish over kit decals, pilot lt Jack Keith Curwen-Walker and Cpl Niels Peder Berg Jensen were killed when the aircraft crashed due to engine failure after take off on 03-05-1918.

                               posted now to commemorate Anzac day, lest we forget.
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  1. Another of your excellent models, my friend @kalamazoo!
    A great way to commemorate Anzac day.

  2. Allan, this looks great! This Roden kit was one of the very few builds ended in the trash bin. My problem was that I tried to fit an aftermarket photo etched set inside the fuselage, without dry fitting first. Sanding, sanding, sanding, and then I basically sanded through the fuselage. Kept the half-built kit in my stash for a while, but after a few years I said it would take too long to fix it. It’s a shame, I love this plane. Maybe next time 🙂

  3. Remarkable result from some rudimentary plastic. A very fitting post for today. Lest we forget.

  4. Nice work, Allan, the rigging is especially neat, fantastic in this scale, definitely liked. I hope you will excuse my ignorance, but are the red, white, and blue insignia on the tail reversed at this time?

  5. Your attention to detail and skills make it appear much larger than 1/72. Nice job, Allan.

  6. Alan, you are a better builder than most of us. Someone managing to pull off a Roden biplane is a Master.

    The Biffs of Palestine always intrigued me and I have decals for one in 1/32...

    Had Anzac biscuits and a cuppa to celebrate this day. Still waiting for flights to resume to Australia.

  7. Thank you for sharing - and not least reminding us!

  8. Beautiful work, Allan.
    What a lot of rigging on this plane, which is done very nicely.

  9. Nice job, Allan! Bristol fighters are fiddly in any scale, especially 1/72. I have photos of this particular plane you modeled in one of my Windsock magazines from the late 80s. Well done.

  10. I find Roden kits a bit of a hassle to build as the parts always seem too chunky and clunky to me. You've done a fine job with this Bristol. It really looks terrific. I would have given up. Congrats!

    What did you use for rigging?

  11. Allan. Very impressive model. I better build my copy of this kit quick before my eyes get any worse! Any tips in how to do the rigging? Fun fact: That is my Great Uncle on the box art.

    • Thank you Don, patiently, with holes drilled through wings and thread in with SG, interesting fun fact, I see you are a flying family !

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. Another gem from the Withers' 1/72 scale shop. I like it.

  13. Nicely done, Alan! Great job on that rigging, keeps me away from the bipes. Nice tribute, I fear people are forgetting the ones who sacrifice.

  14. Allan - fantastic rigging for 1/72! that's what keeps me from building more bipes!

  15. Another amazing build in 1/72 scale Allan! Thank goodness for Micro Decal Film. That rigging looks amazing.
    I was actually watch a travel show on the weekend about ‘Travels in Australia’ and the show highlighted the Anzac commemorations in Darwin. Great post for the tribute Allan.

  16. Wow! What amazing work in 1/72, Allan (@kalamazoo). Your tiny rigging makes my head hurt. I also share your remembrance of those who didn't come home.

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