Italeri (Accurate Miniatures) 1:48 Avenger.

August 11, 2018 · in Aviation · · 19 · 3.9K

This is an old model I built long time ago, originally with the 3 tone camo pattern of white, medium and dark blue. After a close look, I decided to give her a new life. I stripped the paint, riveted the whole model, restored it and painted with the atlantic 2 tone.
The major effort was to cut the sections of the board wing and replicate the folding mechanism by scratch, using plasticard and copper wiring. Other minor surgery was opening the gun compartiment of the starboard wing, lowering the tail stabilizers, open the engine cowls and replicate the exhaust with brass tubing.
Hope you like it! !
Best regards.


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  1. Amazing! A lot of patience involved in just stripping the old paint, never mind the rivets and all. Well done! Paul

  2. You did a great job with this model. Bet no one could tell this Avenger is on its 2nd live. Great painting and details, thumbs up!

  3. Outstanding job Emeterio, really nice work!

  4. Good looking 'restoration' you've achieved, sir...I like it !

  5. My kind of model approach! Splendid job, awesome restoration! I love the look and finish of the completed project. Just a really really nice model. I have this exact model sitting in basement for 10 plus years built but never really finished completely. Never even put on decals. Dont know why? You just planted the seed for my restoration project with this nice old model. What did u use to strip the old paint? Or maybe I will just paint over the older paint. Its an old enamel Model Masters Paint.

  6. Hello Emeterio,
    Great model. Especially the folded wing deserves extra attention. All your work makes this into a very special model. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. Great job on this submarine hunter! One of the best I have ever seen.

  8. An amazing refit!, super detail work.

  9. Saludos!
    Emeterio your Avenger is truly amazing! I wouldn’t call it minor surgery

  10. Nice restoration. Good looking TBM (the only way to tell a TBF from a TBM, other than the serial number, is the TBF has a bronze-green cockpit with interior green radio compartment, while the TBM is overall interior green). The scratchbuilding on the wingfold is outstanding.

  11. You have done an outstanding job for sure. I have had the opportunity to see several TBF and TBM planes up close and personal, and you captured the wing fold details very nicely.

  12. Outstanding...very nicely done.

  13. Some models we praise, others we stand by as witnesses. This is the latter kind. Really, really amazing work. Tough to realize I will never be this good.

    I especially love the Atlantic scheme. I have this kit in the stash, and planned on the white and gray camo. Now I'm trying to rustle up the chutzpah to actually do it!

  14. Wow - that's one beautiful model! The finish work, and all the added detail you did are fantastic.

  15. Fantastic work. Rivet detail and canopy frame are especially well done.

  16. Estupendo. Simplemente estupendo.

  17. Wow, great refit. Lots of patience needed to scratch build that folded wing.

  18. Very well done! Mask that rear turret is a terrible work! Congratulations!

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