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Hobbycraft Fuerza Aérea Argentina A-4B Skyhawk C-207

The pride of my collection, my first and sole Cold War era aircraft.
This was built from the 1433 boxing "Falklands Fighter"
Painted with Revell 40/46 and 65. Inside of the flaps were painted with the fuselage colour as per a real life photo of the aircraft. I didn´t have red for the slats when I made the model.
So far, this has been the kit with the best fitting canopy, from the 11 I´ve already built.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Well done. I built this kit quite a while ago...more filler than plastic.

  2. Nice! Hobbycraft kits can a hit or miss.

  3. Good-lookin' job...I like it.

  4. Another nice one!

  5. Wonderful work. Reminds me that I still would love to build a Argentinian Skyhawk in 1/72. The camouflage pattern is typical for these aircraft if I'm not mistaken.

  6. I very much like this plane. It would have been quite futuristic back in the 50's. It must have been an exciting time in aircraft development - the anticipation of amazing new transport technologies. The skyhawk had several interesting engagements in the Falklands war. Nice camo BTW.

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