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How-to: Safety belts for aircraft from scratch

A nifty tutorial by Tom Grigat on making detailed seat belts (in scale!). All you need is 0.1mm electrical wire, baking paper for the belts and a few tools, including a home-made buckle bender 🙂 · on youtube

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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for share...

  2. Interesting , thank you !

  3. Brilliant! I will be trying those techniques, for sure. Thanks for posting this's great.

  4. Great technique but I will always prefer Eduard's seat belts.
    Not good enough to do such thing by myself. 😁

  5. Grigats videos are wonderful

  6. Wow, that is a very interesting way to make seat belts in 1/72. Sure something to try out.

  7. Fantastic tutorial.
    I like scratch-building stuff for my kits and I never had thought using baking paper for my seat belts. Cheers

  8. Excellent learning technique(s)...thanks for sharing.

  9. Cute! Like meditation watching it.

  10. Great How-To. Also works well with foil instead of waxed paper.

  11. I used a very similar technique years ago, but I'd flatten some of the buckles a little bit by rolling an Exacto handle over them. Worked pretty well and if you used soft silver wire, you didn't have to paint them. I also used paper from a brown lunch bag. I worked in 1/72 as well.

  12. That's awesome. Certainly applicable to modern ejection seat equipped aircraft.

  13. Very nice. Thanks for posting.

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