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Monogram F4U-5

Stopped in Hobby Lobby after visiting with my dad one day and decided to pick up this old as a bit of a nostalgia build. The age of the molds (1963 © on the belly) showed as I had to spend a lot of time cleaning up flash on nearly every part. One of the wing fold hinges was short shot so I had to use a little modeling skill to fix that as well. I was determined to get all those working features to actually work this time around! The wheels seem larger from what I remember as a kid; the landing gear retract but the wheels are slightly larger than the bays. I think it’s possible to squeeze them in but, I’m not confident I’d ever get them out without breaking something. Maybe one day I will try.

As far as a nostalgia build, this one turned out to be one of my favorites.

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10 responses

  1. Very nice finish, Scott. @guitarhack5
    Finished the exact same kit, using the other scheme, on July 22nd.
    1963 ! on the belly.
    You achieved very well in getting the moving parts to work, I ended up in fixing all these elements to overcome the gaps.

    • Thanks John. I Knew the kit was going to have inaccuracies if I went with the working parts so I decided not to worry about trying to fix the gaps and bumps and so on. I’m too lazy a modeler to do that much work, lol! I think I’d go with another Hasegawa Corsair instead.

  2. I just love seeing old kits brought up like this in excellency, Scott!
    Well done!

  3. Nice build of that venerable old Monogram F4U-4B kit They list it as F4U-4 but the 20mm armament makes it a 'B' version. You succeeded in transforming it from a toy-like model kit to a really nice model plane. Very well done.

  4. Nice! Great work on a classic.

  5. Nice clean classic build. I've never seen a Hog with the polka dot cowling - kinda interesting, that!

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