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Ouroboros Miniatures Female Barbarian 54mm

October 26, 2018 · in Figures · · 8 · 4.2K

Ouroboros is a small company that has been doing some pretty imaginative figures lately. They have a couple of Barbarians like the one pictured and then went on to do some cyberpunk busts. they have been cool to deal with and its nice to see a little company doing ok. · on youtube
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  1. Well, this post is very appropriate for me seeing as I'm going to go see GWAR tomorrow night. It will be the first time for me since the original singer died in 2014. (Before that an annual Halloween ritual!) Here is the new lead singer, (former bass player "Beefcack the Mighty") giving a TED talk. She would fit right in on stage decapitating whoever the current president/pop culture icon/evil major record label executive is! I bet she really pops when some color is applied.

  2. Great to see Aaron always good to spread the word about what some of these new makers are up to

  3. Popular scale, effectively 1/32. Great opportunities to paint a variety of finishes - flesh, hair, leather and metal.

  4. Thanks for sharing this.

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