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Dom Afonso Henriques, Portugal's first King (#3/4)

When the Portuguese brand 'Paulus Miniatures' invited me last jan2023 to paint their recent released figures of our first King, Dom Afonso Henriques, I went straight for it with a big smile. This one, the third of four, now in 54mm is a [...]

Demi ronde and Flat

I did these about 20 years ago. Painted in oils over acrylic are coat. The hussar trumpeter is a demi ronde figure in 54mm the medieval business scene is 28 mm. I don’t remember who the editors are.

Attila, the Scourge of God

I was told that Attila king of the Huns (406 - 453) was a very brutal man that used to attack enemies with storms of fire, so when I had to depict the Art Girona 54mm figure I decided to test those fire and ashes on a vignette. And someone [...]

A Door.

My granddaughter asked me to make her a door.She just wanted a door. I asked her why,but she wouldn’t tell me.So I scratch made this one.A friend saw it and wanted one too.Something different I suppose.Stands 5 inches high.

Ouroboros Miniatures Female Barbarian 54mm

Ouroboros Miniatures is a small company that has been doing some pretty imaginative figures lately. They have a couple of Barbarians like the one pictured and then went on to do some cyberpunk busts. they have been cool to deal with and [...]

Another Australian Flying Corps figure

Hello again, This figure is one from the Elan 13 stable in 54mm scale - a really novel piece for a WW1 pilot. Acrylics overall but oils for the skin tones. When I first saw this model I was unsure about the 44 gallon drum but it turns out [...]


Continuing the building of my model archive, today I present my Elite Miniatures Norman knight in 54 mm. It's a metal casting. I used oils for the entire figure. The shield and tunic design are made up. That's the beauty of this figure: [...]

Auerochse 54mm

The Auerochse of Kellerkind-Miniaturen is not yet finished. Just to show a bit of my work. To give the Auerochs it a more realistic look I altered it a bit. Changing the - in my opinion - exaggerated muscles, would have destroyd the [...]