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I'm 62, and I'm Portuguese. Worked as a teacher (teaching French) for most of my adult professional life, now "retired" (not really, but that's as if) .
It's been a few decades that I've been away from this hobby, trying to slowly make a come back, as I do have quite a few kits that I've never had the opportunity to build (as many others on this hobby, I also used to have a tendency to "accumulate stuff", some of which are still there), still in their original boxes, and as I do have a lot of free time now, and the "addiction" never really died, I'm slowyly coming back.
In the old days I've mainly been focused on aircraft (especially WWII fighters, but also a few others from different time periods), but have also done other things, for instance 1/35 WWII vehicles and personnel. This lead to later focusing on dioramas from that time period. A couple survived a few house movings, sadly most have been totally ruined. Have also done the occasional 1/24 old car (both metal and plastic), a couple of motorcycles, even a couple of old sailing ships.
Still have a few of these in their original boxes.
At some point have also done a few Verlinden figures (120mm, one 200mm) and still have a few on their original boxes as well.

So no need to buy more kits right now, as all these I have will keep me busy for quite some time, but obviously will have to buy some new paints and brushes and putty and thinners, that kind of stuff...

Protar Greeves 360 Challenger, scale 1/9 – Finished

"Tubes", "cables", etc, all done. Consider the Greeves finished. Cheers! Dolf

Life-size LEGO Bugatti Chiron makes debut in London

I wonder how long did it take to assemble this one!... (link) Cheers! Dolf

SMC 2018

Link for plenty of pics from the SMC (Scale Model Challenge) 2018, that took place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on October 20 & 21, 2018: (link) Enjoy! Cheers! Dolf

Diecast model aircraft 1/72 WWII

Hi! Some years ago I did a collection of some very nice and very well done military aircraft from WWII, all nations involved included, on 1/72 scale. They do have plastic bases and supports, and some are on fly mode, others as on land [...]

Some of my first aircraft kits...

Hi! Well, the pics were taken quite a few years ago, and depict some of the then still survivors from my aircraft building "golden age", many, many moons ago (between 35 to 40 years ago!) . All these, and at least as many as [...]

1/9 Montesa Cota 247

Now finished: WIP here: (link) Cheers! Dolf

Finally completed! 1/24 R-R 1931 Phaeton

Finally managed to complete this model! Had some issues, like having lost a couple of parts (for most of them luckily I was able to duplicate them using Blue Stuff and Milliput, but being tiny little pieces, and being my 1st time casting [...]

Adolf Galland, German Fighter Pilot Ace, WWII, 200mm Verlinden figure

The only 200mm figure I've ever made, it had to have some meaning. Him being a WWII fighter pilot Ace, and on top of that being my homonym, it was a good match 😉 Again, on the close-up, I notice the eyes could be better, but when [...]

US General Norman Schwarzkopf, 120mm Verlinden figure

Another 120mm Verlinden figure made in resin. I did this one mainly because I wanted to test the results of painting a camouflaged uniform. Overall I think it's not too bad. What do you guys think? Constructive critics welcome [...]

USAF Memphis Belle Crewman, WWII, 120mm Verlinden figure

Another 120mm resin Verlinden figure, this one is a crewman of the famous Memphis Belle B-17 bomber, the 1st one to have successfuly finished 25 missions (which allowed the crew members to "retire", back to the US; some did it, [...]