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Hans Jochaim Marseille’s Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4 in 1/48

November 26, 2018 · in Aviation · · 17 · 4.7K

Bf 109F-4 'Yellow 14' as flown by top scoring Luftwaffe ace Hans Jochaim Marseille in the Western Desert in 1941, who would go on to achieve 158 kills including a still unequalled 16 in a single day (all confirmed in allied records) before his death due to an engine fire in a later Bf 109G. Unusually for high scoring German aces, almost all of Marseille's kills were achieved against highly trained RAF pilots on the Western front rather than the massed aircraft of the Russian VVS.

This is a great ProfiPack series kit by with pre-painted photo-etched parts and wonderful surface detail - highly recommended!

I tried some oil-paint based weathering with this one after the post shading... let me know what you think!

Build video is here: · on youtube
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  1. I like this ! Well done. You can never have too many 109's... 🙂

    I think the shading effects are spot on. HJM would approve and this looks very convincing. I have read where he was able to down a few planes with only a few rounds. He was an excellent marksman, but like most he had a slow start.

  2. And I also like your Friedrich Justin. The Eduard kit is a great kit and you did a wonderful model out of it. The demarcation line between the upper sand and the lower blue is very good. I am also building this kit, from a overtree edition, ina desert scheme, but having the plane all built just prior to paint, the instrument panel fell inside the cockpit...still looking for the best solution to glue it back again and resume. Murphy’s law I guess

  3. Excellent 109 Justin, love it in the Desert Scheme as well. The weathering effects look good for the environment this 109 operated. Also the pics are quite unique, nice angles and approach. Still need to build a couple of these later mark 109's. This build is quite a motivator, thanks for sharing.

  4. Nicely done Justin, I like it.

  5. Well done, love desert camo

  6. Justin, brilliant stuff. Big fan of this, and greatly interested in HJM. Have a couple of Eduard F-4s with his name on! However I'm also keen to get the research done on the G-2 (WK-Nr. 14256, I believe) that he met his fate in. All that aside, the fading and weathering, pre-shading and oils have worked very well! A famous flyer and plane and you have done it absolute justice!

  7. I very like his history. I have a few curiosities of him:

    He shot a tent of his commander in Africa just for blocking his promotion.

    During the banquet in of prof. Messerschmitts house he was asked to demonstrate his musical talent and he played Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms and forbidden in Nazi Germany Jazz (Fuhrer was very upset after the performance:).

    He was shot down twice by James Denis, France pilot from 73. RAF squadron.


    Very defiant biography:).

    For sure I will make this BF-109-G in some future:))

    Hartman was better but still, Hartman had to fight against unskilled soviet pilots.

  8. Very nice 109...excellent detail and weathering. Also this is my favorite paint scheme for the 109, so that adds another 50% awesomeness to it. 😉

  9. Nice job, Justin. Love your weathering look/work...subtle but very effective.

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