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On This Day…November 19th.

November 19, 2018 · in News · · 6 Comments · on youtube

On November 19th, 1952 Captain J. Slade Nash breaks the world speed record in his F-86 D Sabre 'Dog' by travelling across the Salton Sea (California) course at 698.50 mph.

Only 36 years before, on Nov 19th, 1916, 19 November 1916, Ruth Law Oliver broke the existing cross-America flight distance record by flying from Chicago to New York State, a distance of 590 miles. The next day she flew on to New York City. Flying over Manhattan, her fuel cut out, but she glided to a safe landing on Governors Island in her Curtiss 'Pusher'.

The little seen (and even less modelled) Martin B-10 Bomber, at March Field, California, United States, 19 Nov 1935.

On November 19, 1932 Orville Wright, joined by his family, attended the dedication of the monument to himself and his brother Wilbur, (who died in 1912). At that time, Orville Wright was the only man to see a national monument erected in his honour.

The Hawker Siddeley P.1127, the world's first V/STOL jet aircraft that would become the Harrier, made its first flight today in 1960. Test pilot Bill Bedford lifted, hovered, and landed the jet at the Royal Aircraft Establishment ground at RAF Thurleigh, England.

Korea. Here we see the 'Communication Tank' and two of the 'Dozer' tanks (without blades) of the 'Provisional Tank Platoon’ on November 19, 1950, navigating the narrow road near the Funchilin Pass that was the 1st Marine Division’s crucial Main Supply Route to the Chosin Reservoir. Temperatures at the Chosin Reservoir in the week of the 14th November reached -35F, with blood plasma and morphine injectors freezing.

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  1. Actually, the temperatures at the Chosin reservoir only got to -20, according to the 11th Marines who had to keep accurate records because the temperature affected the performance of their artillery pieces. Picky-picky I know. The -35 was never official, but was most likely "wind chill." Funchilin Pass was truly scary - a one-lane dirt road that rose 3,280 feet in 8.5 miles! Finally the Marine engineers made it "two lane" (with care) and these tanks are the first to go up the widened road. (Read all about it in "The Frozen Chosen" 🙂 )

  2. Neat early 'Harrier', I think It was once on in a scene in the early Avenger's series, or maybe The Saint.

  3. The photo of the tank in Korea is great.

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