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On this Day, Oct. 3rd, 1944. A tribute to Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Bricen Jr. 445th Bomb Squadron, 321st Bomb Group Revell B-25J 1/48 scale

Exactly 75 years ago today, while flying over Italy in the top turret of a B-25 J-1 named "Evora", this young man was killed. This was his 58th Mission. He just had his 22nd birthday a few weeks earlier on September 14th, [...]

On This Day…June 4th.

There’s not much left one can say about Midway. My approach to this singular conflict is try and set up this first day of battle proper, and let the images tell the rest of the tale. Early on June 4th, Vice Admiral Nagumo launched his [...]

On This Day…May 21st

A still taken from a gun camera film shot by Flight Lieutenant A G “Sailor” Malan, leader of ‘A’ Flight, No. 74 Squadron RAF, recording his first aerial victory, a Heinkel He 111 over Dunkirk. This was on May 21st as the Battle of [...]

On This Day…May 20th.

On May 20th, 1927, Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field in New York, bound for Paris and a place in the history books. The flight and the man are the stuff of legend, his deeds famous and infamous in equal proportion. On the [...]

On This Day…May 19th.

A sumptuous photograph of a Spitfire Mk VB of the 92nd RAF Squadron flying over Kent in May 19th 1941. Their emblem with the motto, ‘Fight or Die’. The Bismarck at sea, seen from the Prinz Eugen On the 19th of May, 1941. F4U-4 [...]

On This Day…May 18th.

Two British soldiers run the rule over a knocked out Sturmgeschütz 75mm Stu.k In Aquino, Italy, 1944. 1916 – on May 18th, Kiffin Yates Rockwell becomes the first American to claim an air victory when he shoots down a German plane [...]

On This Day…May 17th.

The crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress ‘Memphis Belle’ is shown at an air base in England after completing 25 missions over enemy territory on May 17, 1943. They are, left to right: Tech. Sgt. Harold P. Loch of Green Bay, Wis., (top [...]

On This Day…May 16th.

I can’t think of any better way of trying to capture the story of the Dambusters than just letting Guy Gibson himself describe the critical moments of that that famous raid on May 16th, 1943... “Terry turned on the spotlights and [...]

On This Day…May 15th.

Squadron Leader Edward ‘Jack’ Charles (commander of No 611 Squadron) chalks up the Biggin Hill Sector’s 1,000th downed enemy aircraft, following a successful sweep over Normandy on 15th of May, 1943. Charles shot down two FW190s, [...]

On This Day…May 14th.

Beautifully shot image of US tanks of the 755th Battalion, awaiting the call to enter Coreno Ausonio, near Lazio, Italy, on the day of the town’s capture, May the 14th, 1944. Rarely photographed Focke Achgelis Fa223 ‘heli-thing’ on [...]