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On This Day…November 27th.

Seventy five years ago today, the exhausted crew of the legendary USS Lexington take a (very well earned) rest. The Lady Lex earned eleven battlestars and a Presidential citation; the men earned a legacy.

A Martin PM 4 Mercator (replacement for the Privateer) after making a ‘wheels up’ landing today in ‘53. Port Lyautey, French Morocco.

Iconic photo of Korean soldier An Sang-Byung (30th Regiment, Baekma Division) rescuing children caught in the crossfire during the battle of Dien Can, Vietnam, November 27th 1967.

The tragic USS Indianapolis berthed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with US President Franklin D. Roosevelt onboard, 27 Nov 1936; a great photo of the SOC floatplane on the Indi’s catapault.

A US marine cuts a cold and lonely figure en route to Chosin, November 27th, 1950...

The model version, one of the few ive seen representing the Korean War, is 1/30th scale in Pewter (catalog no.10036) from W. Britain -

Sculpted by Ken Osen (please check his work if you don’t know him, a true artist) the figure captures the essence of the cold and misery the Marines faced in Korea during the 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

German Panzer IV entering the French harbour of Toulon, Nov 27, ‘42. This was part of 'Operation Lila' - to capture and requisition the French Navy fleet.

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  1. Great series of photos.

  2. Thanks, Rob. Had you in mind when I researched the figure. Hope all's well.

  3. Too bad the Chosin Marine figure is marked "sold out" Fortunately it turns out there's another good Chosin Marine figure in winter gear humpin' a BAR.

    November 27 is the 68th anniversary of the Chinese attack, which came between 0030-0240 hours on 27 November, following the three day blizzard that hit all of North Korea. Two Chinese divisions surrounded the 31st Infantry RCT on the east side of the reservoir, 4 divisions hit the 5th and 7th Marines at Yudam-ni on the west side of the reservoir, and a division hit Fox Company at the crest of Toktong Pass, the only way out of the reservoir. Additionally the 1st Marines at Koto-ri holding Funchilin Pass, the only way out of the high country, were hit by two divisions.

  4. Thanks, Tom. I also found this in my ‘research’...

    I am definitely tempted, good sculpt and great price.

  5. Ha, great mind think alike...

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