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PLASMO's KV-2 Russian Tank Abandoned in Water 1942Diorama 1/72

November 4, 2018 · in Armor · · 12 Comments

Amazing what can be done in small scale! · on youtube

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  1. David Damek (plasmo) is a modelling hero, he doesn’t even appear to put any effort into his work, a pure artist (with several thousand hours of hard practice behind him). And I love that accent.

  2. This Plasmo guy sure has talent! Thanks for posting this, Boris.

  3. Superb piece of modeling there...I like the video, too.

  4. I've now watched 4 or 5 videos by this Plasmo guy. REAL talent!

  5. There's a David Damek here on iModeler - @davidame186 - but don't know if it IS actually THE PLASMO...

  6. Ah. Now, I would say that by using the phrase "It is interesting" that we have the real Plasmo here. Unless that's a clever double bluff. A mystery. Love a mystery...It is interesting...Hell, if you are the real Plasmo, then I love your work, if you are not, you are a nut and in exactly the right place here at iModeler.


    • 😀 clever double bluff. It sounds like a vast conspiracy.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Plasmo, it's a pleasure to trade conspiracy theories with you. Your half built butcher bird doesn't fool me...

    Take care my friend!


  8. What an interesting discussion! Respect @davidame186

  9. You will see from the first line of my first post on the Hellcat Mojo Project that I honour Plasmo. David is an inspiring YouTuber. His modelling skills are only surpassed by his imagination. (Sometimes I envy his skill but that’s my problem. Lol.)

    He’s also a really funny and charming bloke. Well worth following.

    And if you are here, David, I’m proud to be in your company.

    (PS Put some cherry blossoms on the wingroots and tail. You know the one.)

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