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458 Italia

December 12, 2018 · in Automotive · · 5 · 1.7K

"...probably the prettiest in a long, long time!" - Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear BBC2.

And who am I to argue with Jeremy ! - So this is the RoG kit which to be honest, is very soft in the details, has a number of avoidable fit issues (avoidable by that is), and has one of the worst instruction booklets I've ever encountered. But all of that just falls by the wayside because, well just look at it, it's jaw droppingly beautiful !

Like 80% of the car models I build, this is painted with Tamiya acrylic lacquer aerosols, this is their new TS86 Pure Red - tonally almost identical to their older Mica Red (TS39). I sprayed mine over a glossy black basecoat which gave it a lot of depth but changed the tone [accidentally] to something a lot darker than was in my mind, but honestly I like what I ended up with even more !. The interior is a cocktail of Satin Black, Panzer Grey and Flat Red with Metallic Grey accents; and yes on a certain level it does resemble an Edwardian bordello, but again, I sort of like that.

So as ever please feel free to criticise, comment or ask a question. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.



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  1. Very excited to see a car model here, especially if it’s so well built.
    The colour looks more like Bordeaux than typical Ferrari red?

  2. I understand Edwardian bordellos were rather colorful and so is this Italia. Looks great Ian, I like it.

  3. And if I remember correctly a car that Ferrari built around the science of aerodynamics.
    Nice build mate!

  4. As close to the real thing as any of we "embarrassed millionaires" will ever get! 🙂

    (Unless I see it parked on Rodeo Drive in the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle some time - a definite possibility).

    Beautiful result, no matter the "Revellness" of the kit.

  5. Really nice-looking Ferrari.

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