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Although we now live in New Zealand, I'm still very 'British'. Got my first kit for my 7th birthday and been building ever since - I'm 52 now.

Occasionally I build 1:35 AFV's, but mainly I build military aircraft of all most era in most scales, as a 'break' from aircraft building I also build 1:25/24 NASCAR racers and the occasional (American) car.

White Elephantsee what I did there ?

Immediately after finishing the Skyraider a couple of weeks ago, I brought this back to the bench from the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' where it's been parked since Sept. 2021. It's the Meng Sherman 'Jumbo' and as a kit, an exercise in putting [...]

'Spad Dad'

A quick project, just less than a month from opening the box, but it did have the bench completely to itself. Biggest challenge was finding the Minigun pod in my huge stash of spare ‘dangly bits’ that I’ve amassed over many year of [...]

Hellcat II

Built this at the same time as the Hurricane I posted here a few weeks ago but only got around to finishing it this morning. Fairly straightforward build, could have done without the separate fin-tip antenna post which was instantly [...]


Mentioned here a number of times that I love building TD's, think I've done four-in-a-row over the last couple of years. I try something new with each build, and for this one, it was the figures - I have always been 'low average' when it [...]

Hellas Hurricane

This has been in my stash for around fifteen years, so with the immanent arrival of the Arma kit, I decided to dig it out and have a go. What a great experience, said here before just how much I love the 1990's era Hasegawa 1:48 WWII kits, [...]


I've built a lot of WWII Japanese aircraft but nothing new for a l-o-n-g time. So when a good friend here in NZ (an American ex-pat) announced he was selling off some of his Hasegawa IJN/AF kits, I was first in the queue. Other than the [...]


Exactly a month after starting this 'side build', it's done. I think it says a LOT about the state of engineering in contemporary kits, ease and quality of construction which is IMHO incredible. So this drops together like so many Tamiya [...]

Post War Brits

So let's start with the wee BAC Jet Provost: Truthfully there isn't too much to say, enough has been written about this wee gem, so I'm not going to try to add anything other than this: If you need a 'mojo restoration project' , you could [...]

Nightmares Harrier II

No it wasn't an easy build - the work required to get the underside of the LERX's to meet the fuselage was extensive and needed cutting, plastic card, lots of PSR and a fair helping of harsh language. Strangely I found it all to be [...]

MiG-21R for the 'Under Another Flag' GB

So just about eight weeks on this one, everything you see (except the roundels & side number) is straight from the Eduard box, no after-market used at all. Paint is all acrylic and all mixed 'until it looks about right'. And therein [...]