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Although we now live in New Zealand, I'm still very 'British'. Got my first kit for my 7th birthday and been building ever since - I'm 52 now.

Occasionally I build 1:35 AFV's, but mainly I build military aircraft of all most era in most scales, as a 'break' from aircraft building I also build 1:25/24 NASCAR racers and the occasional (American) car.

NSR 500

I'm not going to pretend to know anything about the Honda NSR 500 racer... truth is, all I know is what was written on the Tamiya instructions. Spent about nine weeks on it and for a majority of that time it's had my undivided attention, [...]


I know I cannot prove it, but this is the first 1:72 F-15 kit I have ever built, and I've been nailing bits of plastic together since 1970 ! - Bought this for the massive sum of 10.00 GBP from Phils' Model Shop in Southport back in 1990, [...]

'Torch' F4F Wildcat for the Desert Air War GB.

Just over three weeks from opening the box until finish, not after a pat-on-the-head, it's simply that sometimes (often ?), it's just great to build a 'good' kit without the drama, bad language and high parts count. And I thoroughly [...]

Dirty 'Beast'

First started in December, then back to the bench about a month ago ahead of a competition over in Hamilton in September. Tamiya's well known ISU-152 really does fall together with only the link-and-length tracks giving [me] a challenge [...]

Chilly Dornier

So after just over fifty years of slapping together pieces of injected plastic, I've finally attempted an aircraft in a chipped & faded winter finish. After the 70/71 was masked & sprayed, I sealed it with a coat of gloss, then [...]

Fw190 for the Jerry Crandall Memorial GB.

This is the 1994 Tamiya kit, built without any modifications or AM other than the decals from Eagle-Cal sheet 48-173. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and Mr. Color lacquers (and Xtracolor enamels for the fabric control surfaces). My third [...]

Mustang IV (and a nod to Matchbox c.1974)

Been determined to build 'Dooleybird' for years simply because of 'that' box art from 1974. Had the MA sheet in the stash since the early 2000's and even had a set of resin 'gills' to fit the Hasegawa kit. BUT WAIT, Airfix announced they'd [...]

(Refurbished) Bf 109E

The Tamiya 1:48 109E kits are just great for quick builds, yes there are newer and better detailed kits around, but for sheer VFM, the Tamiya kits are hard to beat. I've added only belts made from masking tape and AM decals to this one [...]

Airacobra (One previous owner !)

Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I genuinely forgot that I had this kit until it 'appeared' during a stash tidying session... happy, happy modeller ! Everything you see here comes from the Profipack box with the exception [...]

Returning after L*rd knows how long....

So let's start with an explanation as to why I stopped posting here... erm, honestly don't know. I didn't fall-out with anyone, AFAIK I didn't upset anyone, I think I just got lazy. Apologies, I'll try to do better going forward. As you [...]