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Revell PBM Mariner

February 3, 2019 · in Aviation · · 19 ≡

I wanted to post some of the kits I have been doing, but it is a little intimidating in the midst of the other kits that have been shown lately. After many years of going the extra mile on kits with all the photoetch, resin, and detailing, I have decided to take the "keep it simple" pledge. I now build some of my old favorites, especially some that nostalgically take me back to my early modeling days, and just aim for a fun and acceptable build. As I am getting older, the term "acceptable" has become much broader than previously. I still occasionally put in the extra time and effort to go the extra mile on a kit, but I now mostly build with fun and quick in mind. I just built the 1/118 Martin -5 . It had been in my stash for a few decades, but the kit went from parts to complete in less than a week. I added new decals and added the WW2 Atlantic scheme. I don't actually think this scheme was used on the PBM-5, but, like I said before, I don't get too hung up on that anymore. I understand that several of the old Revell kits that have been retired for a long time will be released in 2019, all with the great globe stand that gives me more room on my model shelf.

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  1. Excellent work - coulda used a few more pics, though - 🙂
    I remember when ALL model airplanes included display stands. 🙁

  2. C'mon George two pictures ? this looks great, I love building these ancient kits from our youth and seeing what I can come up with, check out my Boeing Clipper.From what little I can see this looks fantastic ,well done, more pictures pleeezze !

    • Your Clipper is awesome! The old Airfix kits are great and cover some rare birds, but need a lot of tender loving care to bring them up to the standard of your Clipper. I share your concern that some of these old "box-scale" kits are bordering on the "Too small for me" range. I really hate to mask canopies and the pre-made masks have really facilitated my building, but you are on your own with these old kits and their very thick canopies. I also found the de-icing strips on the tail a challenge on the Mariner, but finally used an art marker with a fiber brush tip to paint the strips.

  3. Sweet! I am with you on those great old kits. I just finished a Hawk "weird-ohs" kit, and am starting a re-pop of MPCs great 1972 Don Pruddhome yellow feather dragster. I still will build some of my uber kits, but for now I am loving the trip down nostalgia road!

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  4. By the way, it is Atlantis Models that has purchased some of the old Revell molds and has them planned for release in 2019. They have restored some of the molds back to original condition: at some point in their life, Revell filled the slot on the bottom of the fuselage that would hold the "ball" that would fit into the globe base. Atlantis has returned the kit to original by restoring the slot. The kits will include the globe base. Here are a few of the kits that are supposed to come out in 2019: 1/135 B-52 with X-15, 1/53 S2F Hunter Killer, 1/115 P-3A Orion, 1/136 P6M Seamaster, and 1/48 Piaseki H-25A Flying Mule. I have already checked with my local hobby store, and they say that the kit price will be very reasonable. Here is the link for anyone interested:

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  5. Great old stuff, looks great! I'm with you on what's acceptable. Here's one from ancient side. Thanks for the link.

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  6. The Seamaster is one of the one's that is due in 2019. Great paint scheme.

  7. Also Polar Lights and Moebuis have released re-pops of old Aurora kits, as well as new kits built in the old "box scale" style. Here is my 2001 Pan Am clipper. Not the Aurora molds, but Moebius for sure designed and marketed a kit from the old school!

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  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Love those old MONOGRAM kits, they still look super and calls out ones memories. Sure miss those stands.
    Nice and sharp looking model George, thank you for the picture.

  9. Nicely done George, I swear I build that kit as a kid and seem to remember it was molded in dark blue plastic. However, I could be wrong it was quite a few years ago. Like you it's fun once in awhile to return to those days long ago and try building some of those old kits as adults. Did that recently with an old Monogram,/Mattel P-51B. You could even buy a sky stick to mount it on. What fun.

  10. Wonderful job on an old classic. Seeing these old kits brings back a lot of memories, which usually consist of these old kits and B-B guns. Yes, I confess these old kits used to be targets for me...lots of great fun back in the 60's.

    Congratulations on a fine job with this old kit.

  11. Nice take on the Mariner! Isn't it nice to do some "simple modeling?!"

  12. I wanted to post a photograph that illustrates an unsung benefit of old kits on stands. The bases elevate the plane above the others on your display shelf and allow you to fit more models. Besides, I think it just looks cool to have planes inflight with their gear up. I also build old ships, illustrated by some nostalgic Renwal, Lindberg, and Revell 1/500ish ships.

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  13. Hello George,

    Extra interested in the PBM, because I am building one (Minicraft) at this very moment.
    Your model looks great. The USN had a nice color scheme for the Atlantic and Pacific.
    Regards, Dirk

    • I really like the Atlantic scheme. It is a nice break from some of the other schemes that tend to be fairly monochromatic. I have a Minicraft lurking in the garage. Post some pictures of how yours is going.

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